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Luxury Holiday Country Cottage in Centre of Brighton, ideal for Glyndebourne, Brighton Festivals etc

3 bedrooms. Sleeps 8. From £199 per night




This holiday rental accommodation is a beautiful country cottage set right in the centre of Brighton. This charming building, the last remaining building of the Stanford estate and was the old gate house. with the surroundings you could easily think you were in the country but you are 10 mins walk to the centre of town. It is located in a charming area with plenty to do and great local facilities. A gem to those who have stayed there. Great if you wish to attend Glyndebourne festival as it is only 20 mins by train.

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This is a charming holiday cottage located in the centre of Brighton and is the old gate house to the stanford estate, there are great local ammenities including a fantastic local pub with good food, open fires and a beer garden, 24 hr Tescos local and good transport routes both further into Brighton and out to the South Downs national park. For the more sporty there are beautiful local parks with the Preston Manor and the Booth Museum, tennis courts are a stones throw away, just 2 minutes and the town centre shopping is 10 minutes, In other words there is something for everyone!

Property Ref: ES001753 Holiday cottage

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