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Siena is a medieval city in Tuscany in the north of Italy, just south of Florence.

Best known for its colourful horse race, Il Palio, which is conducted twice a year in summer, Siena offers a wide choice of attractions, including Piazza del Campo, the unique shell-shaped piazza at the centre of the city and the Duomo, a magnificent black and white Italian Romanesque cathedral.

The Pinacoteca is full of Sienese paintings from the city’s medieval era.

The Siena Palio Horse Race is run in the Campo of Siena on July 2 and August 16. The 17 Sienese ‘contrade’ or areas in which the city is divided challenge each other in a passionate and dangerous horse race around the Piazza del Campo.

Each Contrada has its own unique emblem and colours. As you walk through the streets of Siena it is easy to know which Contrada you are in by observing flags and emblems on the streets.

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