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Quite simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Seville has an air of magic about it.

Seville is one of those places that captivates you. Whether its the breathtaking architecture, its charismatic inhabitants, or simply the atmosphere which sweeps you along with it, it's a place that engages all of your senses.

Wander along the river admiring the stunning colonial architecture along the way, head to the Alcazabar to delight in this breathtaking Moorish palace then find a shady spot beneath the trees and relax in the beautiful Parque de Maria Luisa.

Of course Seville being the home of tapas and flamenco, you simply cannot miss a visit to one of the amazing flamenco bars here, perhaps even brave a lesson or two yourself in one of the many flamenco schools. As for the tapas, there are hundreds of tapas bars to choose from, each of them offering their own unique atmosphere and take on tapas.

A city you simply cannot afford to miss out on seeing!

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