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Rome calendar of events

September 2016

  • Vatican City

    20th September 2016 - 20th September 2017 | Vatican City, Rome

    Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and home to the Pope, Vatican City is a sovereign state within Rome.

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  • Vatican Museums

    20th September 2016 - 20th September 2017 | Vatican City, Rome

    The Vatican museums consist of 54 galleries, containing works belonging to the Catholic Church in a collection built up from over 500 years.

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  • Sistine Chapel

    27th September 2016 - 27th September 2017 | Rome

    The Sistine Chapel is the official residence of the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church.

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  • Via Sacra

    27th September 2016 - 27th September 2017 | Rome

    Via Sacra is the main road leading through ancient Rome, joining the Roman Forum to the Colosseum.

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November 2016

  • Roman Forum

    2nd November 2016 - 31st December 2017 | Rome

    The Ancient Italian plaza contains the ruins of many buildings and monuments from the historic Roman Empire.

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  • La Pieta

    2nd November 2016 - 31st December 2017 | Rome

    La Pieta is a famous sculpture by Italian artist Michelangelo and can be found within St Peter’s Basilica.

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  • Palatine Hill

    2nd November 2016 - 31st December 2017 | Rome

    Palatine Hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome in the ancient area of the city and features several ruins.

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  • Circus Maximus

    3rd November 2016 - 31st December 2017 | Rome

    Once home to ancient Roman games, chariot races and gladiator fights Circus Maximus is now a popular public park.

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  • Colosseum

    3rd November 2016 - 31st December 2017 | Colosseum, Rome

    The partial ruins of the colosseum is one of Rome’s most famous landmarks.

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January 2017

  • Festa della Befana

    January 5th - 6th 2017 | Piazza Navona

    The people of Rome celebrate old Italian Folklore and legend of Befana, who provides children with gifts during Epiphany.

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February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

  • Italian Open

    May 10th - 21st 2017 | Foro Italico, Rome

    International annual tennis tournament, held on clay courts attracting the biggest names in tennis.

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June 2017

  • Estate Romana

    1st June - 30th September 2017 | Rome

    During the height of the summer season, the Estate Romana brings together a collection of cultural events.

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July 2017

  • Festa de Noantri

    July 16th - 25th 2017 | Trastevere

    Traditional festival in honour of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel” (the Virgin Mary) including processions, market stalls and a religious message.

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August 2017

October 2017

  • Outdoor Festival

    October 1st - 31st 2017 | Rome

    The “Outdoor Festival” promotes urban art and culture with a series of events from European and international artists.

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November 2017

  • All Saints Day

    November 1st - 2nd 2017 | Campo Verano, Rome

    All Saints Day is the Christian Festival in which saints past and present are remembered by the church.

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December 2017

  • Christmas in Rome

    1st December 2017 - 6th January 2018 | Via Margutta, Rome

    Celebrate the festive period in the capital of Italy, Rome, home of the Catholic Church.

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  • Christmas Mass

    December 24th - 25th 2017 | St Peter’s Basilica Rome

    Christmas Mass is held on Christmas Eve around the world. We look at Christmas in the home of the Catholic Church, Rome.

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