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Palermo is a vibrant city in northern Sicily which looks out over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The coast opens out onto the Carini Gulg, Palermo and Termini Imerese.

The seafront offers a vast range of colours ranging from the deep blue of the sea to the green of the vegetation and white beaches.

Mondello is one of the most popular beaches. Cefalu offers a wonderful city beach and Sferracavello is an ancient fishing village which attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over Italy.

From the Solunto ruins to the archaeological region of Monte Jato, the entire area is packed with art treasures and stunning landscapes.

Visit the historical villas of Bagheria or La Vucciria Market, selling fresh seafood, herbs, spices and local handicrafts.

If you enjoy culture, take a trip to the Teatro Massimo, where part of the Godfather: Part III was filmed, and view Palermo´s most dominant opera house.

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