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Italy calendar of events

April 2017

  • Romes Birthday

    April 21st - 23rd 2017 | Rome

    Rome celebrates its birthday every year, with numerous events in honour of the city and its coming of age.

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  • Festa di San Marco

    25th April 2017 | St. Mark’s Square, Venice

    One of the most important celebrations in Venice, the Feast of Saint Mark honours the city’s patron saint with a religious procession to the Basilica.

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May 2017

  • Fabbrica Europa

    5th May - 18th June 2017 | Stazione Leopolda

    Fabbrica Europa is a collection of cultural events bringing together dance, theatre and music in Florence.

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  • Italian Open

    May 10th - 21st 2017 | Foro Italico, Rome

    International annual tennis tournament, held on clay courts attracting the biggest names in tennis.

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  • Venice Art Biennale

    13th May - 26th November 2017 | Venice

    The Art Biennale in Venice is one of the world’s most famous modern art exhibitions. It takes place every two years and has been held since 1895.

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  • Festa della Sensa

    25th May 2017 | San Nicolò, Venice

    The Festa della Sensa celebrates the union of the city of Venice with the sea and is characterised by a seabound ritual performed by the city’s Mayor.

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June 2017

  • Estate Romana

    1st June - 30th September 2017 | Rome

    During the height of the summer season, the Estate Romana brings together a collection of cultural events.

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  • Verona Arena Festival

    23rd June - 27th August 2017 | Verona, Italy

    The Verona Arena Festival will take during summer and brings together some of the world’s top opera singers and musicians.

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July 2017

  • Festa de Noantri

    July 16th - 25th 2017 | Trastevere

    Traditional festival in honour of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel” (the Virgin Mary) including processions, market stalls and a religious message.

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August 2017

  • The Palio di Siena

    August 13th - 16th 2017 | Piazza del Campo, Siena

    Twice a year thousands of visitors and locals flood to Piazza del Campo for the traditional horse race around the square – once in July and again in A

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September 2017

  • Regata Storica

    3rd September 2017 | Grand Canal, Venice

    The Regata Storica, or Historic Regatta, is an annual rowing event which has been taking place on Venice’s Grand Canal for hundreds of years.

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October 2017

  • Outdoor Festival

    October 1st - 31st 2017 | Rome

    The “Outdoor Festival” promotes urban art and culture with a series of events from European and international artists.

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November 2017

  • All Saints Day

    November 1st - 2nd 2017 | Campo Verano, Rome

    All Saints Day is the Christian Festival in which saints past and present are remembered by the church.

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  • Cioccolato

    November 18th - 27th 2017 | Piazza San Carlo, Turin

    One for the chocoholics and food lovers, featuring over 120 different chocolate companies and manufacturers.

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December 2017

  • Christmas in Rome

    1st December 2017 - 6th January 2018 | Via Margutta, Rome

    Celebrate the festive period in the capital of Italy, Rome, home of the Catholic Church.

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  • Christmas Mass

    December 24th - 25th 2017 | St Peter’s Basilica Rome

    Christmas Mass is held on Christmas Eve around the world. We look at Christmas in the home of the Catholic Church, Rome.

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January 2018

  • Festa della Befana

    January 5th - 6th 2018 | Piazza Navona

    The people of Rome celebrate old Italian Folklore and legend of Befana, who provides children with gifts during Epiphany.

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February 2018

  • Viareggio Carnival

    February 5th - 28th 2018 | Viareggio, Tuscany

    First held as far back as 1873, this famous Tuscan carnival is best-known for its five vibrant processions which take place over a fun-packed month.

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  • Venice Carnival

    February 11th - 28th 2018 | St. Mark’s Square, Venice

    The Venice Carnival is one of the city’s biggest and most popular events. Be prepared for an amazing festival of colour, sound & beautiful costumes.

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March 2018

April 2018

July 2018

  • Palio di Siena

    2nd July 2018 | Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

    The Palio de Siena takes place on 2 July each year. Book accommodation for the Palio de Siena now!

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