Italy is not only famous for its food, but also offers a wealth of diverse attractions. Laze on the beach, discover the secrets of ancient Rome or visit the northern Lakes. Historical cities, beautiful seaside resorts and Lake Como are just some of the major attractions in Italy, not to mention the delicious local cuisine.

One of the most stunning parts of southern Italy is the Amalfi coast, which is perched high above the Mediterranean and takes in the towns of Positano, Ravello, Sorrento and Amalfi. Visit the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, Rome´s Colosseum or Ancient Pompeii.

Italy offers snow-capped mountains in the north to mild year round temperatures in the south, and hot summers.

Turin lies at the foot of the Alps and sees temperatures range greatly across the year: average temperatures drop to -2°C at night in winter and rise up to 27°C during the day in July and August. Milan has a similar climate but can get a touch hotter in summer and even a little colder in winter. 

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