Sunkissed beaches, ancient ruins, amazing food, famously friendly locals and breathtaking scenery all combine to make Greece an intoxicating holiday destination you'll want to return to year after year. 

You simply can't visit Greece without visiting Athens, the capital of Greece and well know as being packed full of historic sites to visit. From the Parthenon perched high on the hill overlooking the city to the Panathenaic Stadium, home to the first Olympic Games, Athens is the capital of the ancient world and a must visit for anyone who enjoys sightseeing on holiday. 

Of course you can't forget the Greek islands and you can almost be spoiled for choice, with over 2000 islands to choose from. There's Santorini with its famous sugar cube buildings topped with blue domed roofs clinging to the cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea, the pink sands of Elafonisi beach in Crete, history in abundance in Rhodes and the best olive oil and ouzo you'll find in Greece on the island of Lesvos. 

Whatever you're looking for from a holiday, a beach break, adventure or sightseeing, you're sure to find it in Greece.  

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