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Sat in the heart of Europe, Germany is a diverse country filled with history. Once divided in two, East and West became reunited in 1990. There are however still many historical sites as a reminder of those years gone by.

Many of these are situated in Germany’s capital city, Berlin. You can visit the remains of the Berlin Wall, knocked down at the end of 1989. The Checkpoint Charlie museum is at the border crossing of East to West, or the DDR and Stasi Museum are also points of local interest.

Adolf Hitler’s reign is of course prominent in Germany’s past, but this is a country that has grown into its own identity. Filled with cultural diversity, it is one that continues to embrace a sense of freedom while opening its arms to the western world.

Cologne has an abundance of gothic architecture, Munich is home of the famous Bayern Munich football team or you can venture into the Black Forest in the south-west. Stroll through the countryside, visit the beaches of the north or take a trip to the ski slopes in the mountains.

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