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France calendar of events

September 2016

  • Eiffel Tower

    6th September 2016 - 5th September 2017 | Paris

    Built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower in the Field of Mars is France’s most recognisable monument, with almost 7 million visitors in 2015.

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  • Disneyland Paris

    6th September 2016 - 6th September 2017 | Paris

    Disneyland Paris is a very large entertainment complex made up of two theme parks, with plenty of chances to meet your favourite Disney characters.

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  • Parc Astérix

    6th September 2016 - 6th September 2017 | Paris

    Parc Astérix, close to Paris, is a theme park based on popular French comic book characters Astérix and Obélix, offering rides, shows and Gallic food.

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  • Arc de Triomphe

    7th September 2016 - 7th September 2017 | Paris

    The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a 50-feet tall monument commemorating those who fought and died in both the French Revolution and the Napoleonic War.

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  • Centre Pompidou

    7th September 2016 - 7th September 2017 | Paris

    The Centre Pompidou in Beaubourg, Paris is a large architectural feat housing both France’s National Modern Art Museum and the IRCAM centre for music.

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  • Louvre Museum

    7th September 2016 - 7th September 2017 | Paris

    The Louvre Museum in the centre of Paris is the world’s largest museum. One of France’s most recognisable sites, it contains over 380,000 art exhibits

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  • Notre Dame Cathedral

    7th September 2016 - 7th September 2017 | Paris

    Notre Dame Cathedral, located in central Paris, is one of the world’s largest Catholic cathedrals and is a fine example of French gothic architecture.

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  • Lourdes

    8th September 2016 - 8th September 2017 | Lourdes, Midi-Pyrénées

    Lourdes is a small town in Southern France, renowned for the healing properties of its natural water and for several apparitions by the Virgin Mary.

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  • Moulin Rouge

    8th September 2016 - 8th September 2017 | Pigalle, Paris

    Le Moulin Rouge, a historic entertainment venue in Paris, is the birthplace of the famous can-can and has hosted performers such as singer Edith Piaf.

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  • River Seine Cruise

    8th September 2016 - 8th September 2017 | Paris

    A cruise up the River Seine will take you through the heart of Paris and its famous riverside monuments and under the 37 bridges in Paris City Centre.

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  • Sacré Coeur

    8th September 2016 - 8th September 2017 | Montmartre, Paris

    The Sacré Coeur basilica is a stunning Romano-Byzantine church built on the highest point in the city, Montmartre, offering incredible views of Paris.

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  • The Loire Valley

    9th September 2016 - 9th September 2017 | Centre-Val de Loire

    The Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central France famous for its wine, historic towns and the architecture of its 300 castles.

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  • Bordeaux Wine Regions

    9th September 2016 - 9th September 2017 | Bordeaux

    The Bordeaux Wine Region is France’s largest producer of wine, found in the Gironde part of southern France, including Bordeaux city and nearby areas.

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October 2016

  • Tuileries Garden

    18th October 2016 - 4th November 2017 | Paris

    The Tuileries Garden is a large park in central Paris between the Louvre & the Place de la Concorde. Book rental accommodation in the centre of Paris.

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November 2016

  • Pollutec 2016

    9th November - 2nd December 2016 | Eurexpo, Lyon, France

    The Pollutec international exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services is held in Lyon. Book accommodation now.

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December 2016

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

  • French Open

    28th May - 11th June 2017 | Stade Roland Garros, Paris

    The French Open is one of the most prestigious events on the world tennis circuit. Book accommodation now with Eventful Stays close to the Stade Rola

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