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Almost halfway between London and the south coast of England lays Crawley, a bustling market town on the doorstep of Gatwick Airport. Whether you are visiting the area or simply waiting for a flight, you can find a great place to stay with Eventful Stays.

Places to Stay in Crawley

Forget all about the cramped rooms and restrictive meal times of hotels in Crawley and find a great self catering place to stay with Eventful Stays. Offering more space and flexibility than any hotel in Crawley could, you are sure to find your ideal place to stay with Eventful Stays.

Own a Property in Crawley?

If you own a property in Crawley, be it a house, apartment or even just a spare room and would like to make some extra money, then why not rent it out while you're away for short self catering breaks? Eventful Stays is always on the lookout for new and unique properties in Crawley and the surrounding area, so register for free today and see how much you can make!

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