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Cadiz Province

Situated in Andalucia, the Cadiz Province is a stunning reflection of just how beautiful this part of Spain really is.

Situated on Spain's Atlantic coast, Cadiz plays host to some of the best beaches in Spain, with powdery soft sand and crystal clear turqouise waters. The Atlantic breeze making it a popular area for kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers alike.

Rising up above the surrounding countryside you'll find stunning mountain villages known as pueblo blancos, with sugar cube houses clinging to the side of the mountain and often overlooked by Moorish forts. Olive groves stretch on as far as the eye can see and you'll find an abudance of nature here, from birds of prey to the illusive Iberian Lynx.

If you want to up the tempo a little the beautiful coastal university city of Cadiz is simply breathtaking, with its fortresses, impressive cathedral and historic houses fighting for space among its cobbled streets. Buzzing with students, locals and holidaymakers alike, it's a great place to explore and small enough to do so on foot.

Simply breathtaking and just a short ferry ride from Morocco, should the mood take you, Cadiz is a fantastic area of Spain to visit.

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