How do I advertise?

Advertising is easy and we don’t charge commission. See our advertiser page for more details and register in a few simple steps.

Which events do you cover?

We feature events across the world, from sports like show-jumping to music events and festivals. Simply see our events calendar for more details.

Can we help?

If you have a question or feedback on Eventful Stays, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please email

No, you can browse our listings without registering, and also make booking enquiries or engage with hosts without registering your details or becoming a member of Eventful Stays.
Type the location, event, or attraction you wish to find into one of the search boxes and you will see a list of all available accommodation in that area. You can also use the search filter facility to refine your search.
Once you find accommodation you are interested in, contact the host directly to ask about availability. Ask questions about the accommodation and area you plan to stay in.
You need to check with the host which payment methods are accepted and when your booking is to be paid for. You must pay the host directly. The host will also inform you of any security deposit required. Eventful Stays does not take payment for accommodation via our website.
If you want to cancel a booking contact the host directly. Please bear in mind that, depending on how close the date of cancellation is to the arrival or check-in date, may determine whether or not your rental fee is refunded. Eventful Stays will not become involved in any disputes between hosts and guests relating to cancellation of bookings.
A property may have sofa beds or even include cots for small children. Check this information in the property description and if you are still unsure, contact the host directly when you make your booking enquiry.
Hosts can change their prices whenever they choose, and many change prices between seasons or even for midweek/weekend bookings. The ‘from’ price advertised is the cheapest price the property is available for – usually during low season.
It is easy to add your accommodation to Eventful Stays; simply follow these steps:
  • Register at the top of the home page
  • Add accommodation details
  • Upload a minimum of 4 photos
  • Add profile information
  • Pay your annual subscription fee
  • List one property for £49 per year
  • Up to 5 properties for £99 per year
  • Up to 10 properties for £198 per year (plus 10 FREE)
Unless otherwise stated your subscription to Eventful Stays in annual. Should you wish to continue to list your accommodation with Eventful Stays after 12 months, a further payment will be required.
You may list as many properties as you like with Eventful Stays. Please contact us for more information about pricing.
Property Owners who join on the annual subscription fee offer, and pay an annual subscription fee, are entitled to a money back guarantee offer if they have not received enough bookings to cover the cost of the listing fee.

As the transaction is between the host and the guest directly, in order to assess the likely booking income resulting from enquiries from the Eventful Stays website, we will examine all the enquiries received during the 12 month period, and calculate the estimated income based on 1 in 3 enquiries resulting in a booking. Should the estimated booking income be less than the listing fee paid, we will refund the host the full listing fee. Our method of calculation of estimated income is final and we will not enter into disputes concerning this matter.
When you receive a booking enquiry you can discuss directly how and when the guest needs to pay.
We list all types of accommodation from castles to mansion houses, country homes, spare bedrooms, tree houses, B&Bs, and apartments. Anywhere that at least one person can sleep comfortably.
Yes, absolutely anywhere - unless the country is deemed to be dangerous or in a war zone.
Currently, yes. We will be looking to adding different language options in the coming months but in the meantime, don’t worry if English is not your first language. Our team will review your content and descriptions and make any changes necessary.
Contact your guest informing them if you can accept the booking. Be clear to include any security deposit you require and payment terms.

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