World Rowing Coastal Championships

13th October 2017 - 15th October 2017 | Thonon, France

About the World Rowing Coastal Championships, Thonon

Rowing competitions have gained in popularity during recent years, with the World Rowing Coastal Championships attracting global interest. The event is organised in association with FISA, the worldwide governing body for international rowing. Races include solo rowers along with coxed pairs, triples and quadrupole boats taking part.  As of 2007 the World Rowing Coastal Championships became available for all club rowers. This has enabled a wider circle of competitors of all levels to take part, without any formal qualifying rounds. As well as the more traditional coastal rowing, FISA have embraced competitions acknowledging rough waters and navigation techniques.

Helpful information about the World Rowing Coastal Championships, Thonon

Geneva International Airport in Switzerland is the closest to Thonon. It is an hour away by car, you can use local buses or even travel by boat (weather permitting). The nearest French airport is Dole-Jura Airport in eastern France. If you are travelling to the rowing as a spectator, request an accreditation pass through the official website. If you are looking to compete, apply online through your rowing club. Places are limited to 100 in total with up to 5 clubs per country. Opening times will be available nearer the time, although rowing is set to take place for the duration of each day.

Making the most of the World Rowing Coastal Championships

As a spectator, you will be able to arrive on the day and see the racing from the water edge. If you would like to be closer to the action, apply in advance for the accreditation pass. This will give you exclusive access and is recommended if you have friends or family involved. Wear an extra layer of clothing as October mornings can be chilly. If you are planning on taking part, ensure your club is registered by an appropriate National Federation and apply early as places are limited. If concerned about transporting your own rowing boat, there are spares available to use at the site.

Where to stay in Thonon for the World Rowing Coastal Championships

If you are planning to visit Thonon for the World Rowing Coastal Championships, choose from a wide range of houses, apartments and chalets, spare rooms, boats and other private rentals in Thonon-les-Bains. Wherever you are staying in France, you can reach Thonon by the public buses or via boat.

Things to do near the World Rowing Coastal Championships

Have a scenic walk through the Funiculaire de Thonon-les-Bains, or take in the views from Les Belvederes. There are several small castles in the region. In the evenings enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Port de Rives. For the more adventurous you can go kayaking and canoeing.

More information about the World Rowing Coastal Championships

Find out more about world rowing, including: the different race classes from the elite through to universities, indoor rowing, coaching and development programmes, World Rowing events and results, news, photos, videos and more on the World Rowing Coastal Championship official website.

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