World Masters Athletics Championships

5th September 2018 - 16th September 2018 | Malaga, Spain

 About the World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga

The largest multi-sport event in the world attracts amateurs to participate in a wide range of competitions.  The ethos is all-inclusive, allowing individuals to take part regardless of ability.  The games are held every four years, 2018 reaches Malaga, Spain with events spread across a choice of venues. Team games include matches such as football, netball and rugby. There are however plenty of individual sports ranging from swimming to archery and golf. In 2009 the World Masters Athletics Championships attracted its record number of competitors, with over 28,000 travelling to Sydney. Venues in 2018 include: the Athlete’s Village and Expo at the Sports Centre Martin Capena and the Malaga Athletics Stadium.

Helpful information about the World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga

Malaga has its own airport and travelling around for the games is made convenient, with public transport and buses providing routes to all of the venues. Malaga is a vibrant city with a lively port area and a thriving city centre. All of the venues are within easy reach of the city centre. Malaga is linked via road with the rest of Andalusia and Spain by means of the A-92, A-45 (Autovía del Sur) and A-7 (Autovía del Mediterraneo). 
The drive between Malaga and the bordering cities is: 122km to Granada, 220km to Sevilla, 187km to Córdoba, 265km to Cádiz and 219km to Almería and only 540 km to the capital of Spain, Madrid. 

Making the most of the World Masters Athletics Championships, Malaga

If you are a keen individual or already play in a team event, then apply in advance through the official website to take part. There are no formal qualifying rounds making it a fun event for all involved. With so many different sports available, check the schedule and venue locations to organise your trip accordingly. Just like the official Olympics there are games for para-sport athletes that also run during the tournament. If you’re not playing why not still get involved as a volunteer?

Where to stay in Malaga for the World Masters Athletics Championships

Choose from a wide range of houses, apartments and other private rentals, close to the venue hosting your chosen sport. Wherever you decide to stay, you can travel around Malaga on the public transport or by hire car.

Things to do in Malaga during the World Masters Athletics Championships

The beauty of Malaga is its history and tradition.  This elegant and thriving city continues to attract visitors from all over the world, and with an international airport on the doorstep it is easily accessible from most major cities in Europe.

The Picasso Museum and the spectacular cathedral always draw big crowds to the city, but there is much more to Malaga than meets the eye. 

At the top of Calle Marques de Larios, is the city´s main square, Plaza de la Constitución, where cultural, traditional and religious events are celebrated throughout the year. 

One of the most vibrant cities in Andalucia, Malaga also boasts some fabulous beaches. Divided into three sections, the beach areas are aptly named after local fish, and include the Anchovy, the Sardine and the Squid.  The most popular beaches in the Eastern part of the city are Peñón del Cuervo, La Cueva, Torre de las Palmas, La Araña and El Hornillo, with hidden coves and cliffs, attracting swimmers and scuba divers.

More information about the World Masters Athletics

Find out more about the World Masters Games including: a list of all the sports, and how to register, venues, pricing, packages and how to get involved, news, information and public forums are all available on the official website.

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