World Masters Games

About the World Masters Games, Auckland

The largest multi-sport event in the world attracts amateurs to participate in a wide range of competitions.  The ethos is all-inclusive, allowing individuals to take part regardless of ability.  The games are held every four years, 2017 reaches New Zealand with events spread across 48 venues. Team games include matches such as football, netball and rugby. There are however plenty of individual sports ranging from swimming to archery and golf. In 2009 the World Masters Games attracted its record number of competitors, with over 28,000 travelling to Sydney. Each year the competition has its own motto, for New Zealand this is “For the Love of Sport”.

Helpful information about the World Masters Games, Auckland

Auckland has its own airport and travelling around for the games is made convenient, with public transport and specially laid on shuttle buses providing routes to all of the venues. There are various packages available, for both participants and those just watching. Bronze provides the entry fee, along with access to social events and souvenirs for $295 ($145 for spectators). Silver also includes transport and entry to Auckland attractions and leisure centre for $395 ($245 for spectators). Gold includes exclusive content, functions and ferry services at $825 ($625 for spectators). Age restrictions apply to certain games, check online for more details.

Making the most of the World Masters Games, Auckland

If you are a keen individual or already play in a team event, then apply in advance through the official website to take part. There are no formal qualifying rounds making it a fun event for all involved. With so many different sports available, check the schedule and venue locations to organise your trip accordingly. Just like the official Olympics there are games for para-sport athletes that also run during the tournament. The website also holds a forum to help you find team-mates or join an existing team. If you’re not playing why not still get involved as a volunteer?

Where to stay in Auckland for the World Masters Games

Choose from a wide range of houses, apartments and other private rentals, close to the venue hosting your chosen sport. Wherever you decide to stay, you can travel around Auckland on the public transport or with the games shuttle buses.

Things to do in Auckland during the World Masters Games

There are plenty of scenic places to visit: Tiritiri Island, Cornwall Park, the beaches of Waiheke Island.  Venture into the bush and the Waitere Ranges. View Auckland from the top of Mount Eden, or from inside the Sky Tower.  Visit a number of museums and say hello to the animals at Auckland Zoo.

More information about the World Masters Games

Find out more about the World Masters Games including: a list of all the sports, para-sports and how to register, venues, pricing, packages and how to get involved, news, information and public forums are all available on the official website.

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