Venice Marathon

22nd October 2017 | Venice, Italy

About the Venice Marathon, Venice

Thousands of competitors take part in a marathon set in a location like no-other, running through the city of Venice and alongside it’s beautiful canals. The race starts just outside the city before crossing into Venice itself, where runners and spectators will pass some of the main landmarks including the long Bridge of Liberty. The course also includes a temporary bridge crossing the Grand Canal, which is erected specifically for the occasion. As well as the main event, there is also a half marathon and a smaller fun run. Kenyan runner John Komen holds the course record at 2 hours, 8 minutes.

Helpful information about the Venice Marathon, Venice

The nearest airport to Venice is the Marco Polo airport, which is only a short bus ride into the city or the starting line in Stra. It is free to watch the race, although for those of you entering the price can vary. Entrance fees into the Venice marathon range from €65 to €90 depending how early you apply, or are cheaper if you live in Italy.  The shorter 10k race is between €18 and €32. You need to be available to pick up your racing bib/number on Friday between 10am and 8pm, or Saturday 9am and 8pm. The actual race starts around 9.40am on Sunday.

Making the most of the Venice Marathon, Venice

If you’re taking a trip to Venice as a spectator, then plan where to watch the race. You will be able to cheer the athletes on their final stretch along the Riva Sette Martiri, or encourage them throughout the rest of the course. If you’re planning to run, then train hard but also make the most of the experience by taking in the marathon village, the race transport and also the final presentations and dinner party. For those not wanting to run the whole distance, there’s a 10k run, or the family fun run which is available for all ages.

Where to stay in Venice for the Marathon

Choose from a wide selection of houses, apartments and other private rentals near the starting line outside Venice in Stra or along Riva Sette Martiri where the race ends. Wherever you decide it is easy to travel around Venice on foot, or by jumping on a waterbus.

Things to do near the Venice Marathon

The finish line is situated between St Mark’s Square (for Saint Mark’s Basilica) and Venice public gardens. Take a trip through the water ways by hiring a gondola for the ultimate romantic experience. Discover more about the city with the popular walking tours, made famous by the canals and ornate bridges.

Where to stay for the Venice Marathon

Visit the official website for more information including: history of the Venice Marathon, race details and registration, the course for both the full and half marathon, the family run, a map of the course and the race village.

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