Venice Film Festival

2nd September 2018 - 12th September 2018 | Venice, Italy

About the Venice Film Festival, Venice

Once a year the famous faces of the film world descend on the beautiful city of Venice. The oldest film festival in the world, has been running since 1932 and is considered one of the “big three” along with Cannes and Berlin International. From its humble beginnings with a public screening of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Venice Film Festival has grown to show over 100 films along with the award ceremonies and presentations. The most prestigious award is the Golden Lion which has seen honoured by everyone from Orson Wells, to Clint Eastwood and David Lynch.

Helpful information about the Venice Film Festival, Venice

The main airport to Venice is the Marco Polo, which is only a short boat or bus ride into the heart of the city. The festival takes place along the Lido di Venice, with the main venue being the Palazzo del Cinema. Whilst some awards/viewings are by accreditation only, public screenings take place during the whole period. Tickets cost around €45/€50 although various cinemas taking part may charge different prices. Start times vary, although most days the films run from early afternoon into the evening. If you are looking to submit a film deadline is mid-June.

Making the most of the Venice Film Festival

Whilst the main venue of the Palazzo del Cinema will mainly be exclusive to those directly involved with the films and the awards, along with famous actors/directors, if you work in the industry (or even run your own blog) it is worth trying to upgrade to VIP access. Tickets are often on sale last minute, so check the official website for a list of films being screened in advance. If you are a film enthusiast some of the specialist productions may be at the smaller venues, so worth doing your research and discovering something unusual. The festival caters for all tastes, however there is a strict over 18’s only policy.

Where to stay in Venice for the Venice Film Festival

Choose from a wide range of private rentals, houses and apartments close to the Lido di Vinezia, where most of the festival takes place. Whether you are looking to rent directly within the festival locations or on the mainland it is easy to travel around via public transport or on foot to reach your destination.

Things to do near the Venice Film Festival

You can’t go to Venice without taking a gondola trip around the canals, or the walking tour will help uncover the rest of the beautiful city. There’s the amazing Saint Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square, take in a show at the Teatro La Fenice or relax on the sand covered beach near the festival itself.

More information about the Venice Film Festival

For further information, including: details on next year’s film festival, locations, theatres and tickets, the festival history, directors, regulations, Venice production Bridge and Biennale College see the official website.

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