Valencia Region Day

9th October 2018 | Valencia, Spain

About Valencia Region Day

One of the most important days in the Valencia calendar, 9th October is the region’s national day, celebrated with fireworks, concerts and a parade. The day marks the occasion back in 1238 on which James I fomally entered the region and liberated it from Moorish rule. Festivities kick off with an orchestral concert during the evening of 8th October followed by midnight fireworks in the Turia Gardens. The main event occurs on the following day, a public holiday, with a procession through the city and the laying of flowers in front of the statue of King James. 

Helpful information about Valencia Region Day

Valencia’s Regional Day takes place on 9th October with most of the festivities taking place in and around the city centre. Most of the events are free or charge although there may be some specific private events which charge entry. For the best view of the midnight fireworks, head to the incredible nine-kilometre long Turia Gardens, known as the Jardines de Turia. While you’re in Valencia, it may be worth your while buying a Valencia Tourist Card. This allows you discounts on public transport, including the bus trip to the airport and back, as well as savings on admissions to the city’s public museums. You can obtain the card from the Valencia Tourist Board

Making the most of Valencia Region Day                                                                                             

9th October also coincides with the day of St. Dyonisius which is the Valencian equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day. On this romantic occasion, the men of Valencia give their sweethearts a handkerchief filled with a bundle of marzipan confectioneries. This gift of sweets is known as a ‘mocadorà’ and you’ll see thousands of these being sold on the streets of Valencia in the run up to the big day. In fact, around 200,000 of the small sweets made in the shape of fruit, vegetables and tiny figures are exchanged in Valencia each year. 

Where to stay in Valencia for Valencia Region Day

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Things to do near Valencia Region Day

If you’re coming to Valencia for the public holiday, stay a little longer to check out the sights in the surrounding area such as the Church of San Nicolas, Torres de Serranos and Valencia Cathedral.

More information about Valencia Region Day

To find out more information about the festivities, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to view the programme for the 2018 event, check out the venue addresses and view photos from last year’s Region Day.

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