The Three Kings Los Reyos Magos

5th January 2018 | Barcelona, Spain

About theThree Kings

The Three Kings’ day is one of the most celebrated festivals in Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain. Although the holiday itself is 6 January, the focus is on the evening before, the day on which the three wise men arrive in Barcelona. After the children greet the arrival of the three wise men, a procession takes place encompassing the city’s main streets during which gifts and sweets are thrown to the children. The next morning, children open their presents and a family lunch is held which always finishes with the traditional “Roscon de Reyes”.

Helpful information about The Three Kings

The Three Kings celebrated in Barcelona’s city centre, Spain. The nearest airport is Barcelona Airport – El Prat and is approximately 13 kms to the city centre. From the airport you can take the RENFE train, Aerobus express service or a taxi.

Normally the parade starts at “Port Vell” (metro Green Line, L3 or bus V17) and finishes next to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Espanya metro station). The route of the parade is known to change slightly each year, but if you situate yourself around either the start or finishing point, you will be sure to see all the festivities, and even catch a few sweets along the way!

Making the most of the Three Kings

The arrival of the Wise Men usually takes place on a boat at around 4.30pm on 5 January at “Port Vell”, where they are greeted by the city’s Mayor. After saying a few words to the children who have arrived to welcome the Three Kings, the “Cabalgata” procession starts, and at around 6.30pm the Three Kings parade through the city on floats, greeting children who have been eagerly lining the streets for a glimpse of the procession and the promised abundance of confectionary. The tour lasts around three hours finishing at around 9.30pm at the junction of Avinguda Ruis I Taulet and Avinguda Maria Cristina next to the Magic Fountain of Montjiuc.

Where to stay in Barcelona when visiting the Three Kings

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Things to do near the Three Kings

The gallery Centre d’Art Santa Monica houses an amazing space that is known for hosting various contemporary art exhibitions featuring artists that come from all over the world, or why not take in a show at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes known internationally and acknowledged by the experts for its devotion to tradition to flamenco, whilst dining Spanish style!

More information about the Three Kings

To find out more information on the Three Kings go to Wikipedia. Here you can explore the history, tradition and culture about one of Spain’s most popular and important fiestas.

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