The Masters Tournament

5th April 2018 - 8th April 2018 | Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, United States

About the Masters Tournament, Georgia

Held at the Augusta National Golf Club, the Masters Tournament is one of the four major golfing tournaments of the year. The competition consists of four rounds, 18 holes each. Competitors take part on an invite-only basis, attracting the top 50 players from around the world. The total prize money available amounts to 10 million dollars. The 2016 winner, England’s Danny Willett, took home a top prize of $1.8m having won by only three strokes. The total length of the main course is 7,435 yards. Originally a plant nursery, each hole on the course is named after a tree or shrub.

Helpful information about the Masters Tournament, Georgia

The closest major airport is 60 miles from Augusta at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. It is also reachable by the regional airport at Bush Field, with regional flights available internally from elsewhere in the US. Tickets for the tournament are $100 per day, with applications closing at the end of May. Tickets for the practice rounds ahead of the tournament cost $65 each. There is a strict age limit for ticket applicants of over 21’s only. There are different start times for each group in the tournament, starting from 9.45am through to 2.45pm.

Making the most of the Masters Tournament, Georgia

Tickets are very limited so put in your application early. In order to get the most value for money and see more players taking part book for the early rounds. Alternatively buy tickets for the end of the tournament and see who wins the trophy. Keep track of the scorecard online, and for any days that you can’t attend then watch the whole event live on the official website. There is often a popular “Par 3 contest” which consists of only 9 holes. This is a more relaxed and fun family affair, suitable for all ages and takes place on the Wednesday.

Where to stay in Georgia for the Masters Tournament

Search for a range of houses and apartments, flats, spare rooms and other private rentals near the Augusta National Golf Club. If you choose to stay elsewhere in Georgia it is easiest to travel to the tournament via public transport.

Things to do near the Masters Tournament

Visit the Georgia Aquarium or the Cathedral of John the Baptist. Walk through the historic Savannah District. Take a trip to Atlanta, where you will find the national historic site of Martin Luther King Jr and the centre for Civil and Human Rights.

More information about the Masters Tournament

To find out more about the Masters Tournament, including: The course, players, tee times and schedules, tournament info, tickets and shop, the leader board and to track events, visit the official website.

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