The Fallas Festival

15th March 2018 - 19th March 2018 | Valencia, Spain

The Fallas Festival

This festival dates back to the time when carpenters cleared their workshops throwing out old wood at the end of winter, and over the centuries, it grew into the series of events that placed Valencia on the map as hosting one of the most interesting events, festivals and carnivals in Europe.  You will see streets showcasing colorful giant paper figures, known as “ninots”, very often several metres tall which are normally placed at the end of the parade in fantasy groups.  On the night of 19th March, the “ninots” are burned in a huge bonfire, heralding spring and a new start.

Helpful information about The Fallas Festival

The Fallas Festival is hosted in the centre of Valencia, Spain. The nearest airport is Valencia Airport and is approximately 13 kms to the city centre. From the airport you can take the underground to the city centre, line 3, bus service line 150 or a taxi. Valencia city centre has a metro service, tickets and timetables available in most tourist information offices and online.  City bus maps and routes can be obtained from most tourist information outlets.

Making the most of The Fallas Festival

Every day at 2pm, there is a “la Mascleta”, a show of gunpowder with hundreds of simultaneously exploding “masclets” and a maximum of half a metric ton of black powder is used to compete for the best show.  On March 17th and 18th there is the event that honors Valencia’s patron Virgin when thousands of “Falleras” come to the city centre in traditional costumes. The last night, as the floral parades end around midnight, the Nit de Foc begins with a formal hour-long firework display ending in a fun firework war before the burning of the “ninots” and lighting of bonfires around the city begin.

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Things to do near The Fallas Festival 

Visit the Catholic Cathedral of Valencia which was originally built on the site of a Roman temple, and later became a mosque. Its origins date back to the 13th century.  You may want to wander through the “Central Market” contained in an old building covering over 1000 stalls with many interesting goods to choose from.

More information about The Fallas Festival

To find out more information regarding the Fallas Festival and activities, please go to the official website. 

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