The Ashes

1st November 2017 - 30th November 2017 | Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

About the Ashes, Australia

Since 1882 Australia and England have battled it out on the cricket field in a series of test matches. Following the Australian win in 1882 a sporting newspaper declared English cricket had died, with the ashes being taken to Australia. The game has gone on to become a long-standing tradition, held at least once every four years. During the Ashes, the two teams play 5 games, spread across different grounds and alternating each tournament between the two countries. As of 2015 England are the current holders, with both countries having won 32 series each. There have also been 5 draws.

Helpful information about the Ashes, Australia

The 2017 Ashes will be held in Australia, with games played at the Adelaide Oval, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground and two more matches to be announced. Each of the aforementioned cities has its own major airport, with transfers available into the city centres. Test matches last up to 5 days, with around 6 hours of cricket played each day. Price will vary for each match, although packages will be available for both single tickets and passes to attend all 5 days.

Making the most of the Ashes, Australia

With the matches spread across Australia, decide which city you wish to attend in advance. Register online to be entered into the ballot system when applying for tickets. Apply as early as possible, making sure you only use reputable websites. While test matches are suitable for the whole family, be mindful of how long a game lasts as young children may need to be kept occupied. Look into hospitality packages available directly from each ground, if you wish to make it even more special. When packing for your holiday remember the Ashes take place during the heat of the Australian summer.

Where to stay in Australia for the Ashes

If you are planning to visit Australia for the Ashes, choose from a selection of houses and apartments, Bed and Breakfasts, spare rooms and other private rentals close to one of the grounds. Wherever you stay in Australia, each venue will be served by public transport making it easy to reach the cricket. Check our accommodation in Australia.

Things to do in Australia during the Ashes

Sydney has many famous landmarks, from Sydney harbour and the Opera House to Bondi Beach and the Sydney Aquarium. If you’re in Melbourne take a ride on the City Circle Tram, view the city from the Eureka Skydeck or visit Melbourne Zoo. You can reach Kangaroo Island from Adelaide, or swim with dolphins.

More information about the Ashes

Find out more on the Ashes here, including: the 1882 origins, the Ashes Urn, test matches and series, results and statistics, the grounds where the ashes are played and links to previous games and the history of test cricket in general.

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