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[T934] Least-cost ESOS

6th December 2017 | The Engine Shed, United Kingdom

If you found complying with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme in 2015 expensive and disappointing, you should consider doing your own submission for the current compliance period (ending 2019). Although you cannot avoid using a registered ESOS lead assessor, their role is legally quite narrow so a minimal engagement should really only cost a fraction of what many participants paid in 2015. That leaves you able to mix and match your own in-house resources and (if you need them) online tools, outside experts who need not be ESOS registered, and even equipment suppliers, to create a worthwhile result that complies with the law. In this one-day briefing Vilnis Vesma, author of Energy Management Principles and Practice and himself an ESOS lead assessor and former energy manager, takes you through the key aspects of ESOS. He explains the letter of the law, the compliance process, audit methods, the pros and cons of the ISO50001 route and how to brief a lead assessor so as to minimise your outlay on fees. The event does not set out to examine technical aspects of energy saving in any depth but there is adequate time for discussion of participants’ potential opportunities in a general sense. Documentation includes: Copy of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014, marked up with subsequent government amendments Current Environment Agency guidance 14-step assessment workflow including nine key questions that the Lead Assessor is likely to ask An outline assessment report framework Checklist for the ESOS Evidence Pack Proforma "Participant Declaration" for Lead Assessor sign-off By the end of the session you should understand every step that you need to take. 

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