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Step Into Your Soulful Business Workshop

21st October 2017 | Mayfair Exchange, United Kingdom

For Coaches, Therapist, Healers, Consultants and Network Marketers Are you a heart centred entrepreneur who’s been in business for 12-18 months, but find your business isn’t as successful as you were expecting it to be?   Do you question if you will ever be financially successful?   Are you desperate to leave or avoid returning to a 9-5 job?   Do you know you have a calling to help others, yet seem unable to help yourself?   Does speaking about money and business cause you to cringe? Being in business isn’t easy it takes time and commitment to keep going, especially when you work on your own. I know how hard it is when you first start out. You follow the experts and get more confused, stressed and worried that you aren’t doing things right, but it doesn’t get any better as you progress it gets even more challenging. STOP! It’s time to Step Into Your Soulful Business. Do you want to…       Enjoy running your business       Have more clients       Be paid what you are worth       Be confident to ask for money and the business       Stop chasing your tail       Feel in control       Manage your time effectively? The Step Into Your Soulful Business workshop has been specifically designed with you in mind, to help you make your business financially successful. In doing so you will have peace of mind, a happier healthier future, with the funds to live life as you choose, not how finances dictate! Imagine what that would mean to you. What does Soulful Business mean? All too often businesses are set up with the intention of having more time, money and freedom, unfortunately unless it is connected to your Soul Purpose and you work with your intuition you are operating from others expectations, therefore you don’t follow your intuition and do what is right for you. You listen to the experts and constantly receive advice in various ways but all it does is get you more confused, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and worried. You go round in circles, getting very little done which means as you aren’t getting the clients you want. I know I have been there and done it myself. In the process I gained a massive amount of experience to create my successful business as a soulful entrepreneur. Which is why I now use my knowledge and experience to help coaches, therapists, healers, consultants, and network marketers build successful businesses, from the foundations upwards. During the workshop you will spend time exploring … Your WHY       Why are you in business?       What is your purpose       What do you want to achieve Client Attraction       Who are your clients       How to connect       Building trust Selling With Love       It’s okay to sell       How to sell with love       Love selling Minding Your Time       The cause of procrastination       How to deal with procrastination       Take back control and prioritise Don’t spend too much time thinking listen to what your heart is saying.  At the end of the day, you will feel calmer, more focused and believe you can make your business work for you. If this resonates with you don’t waste anymore time trying to make your business work for you, trust yourself and be courageous book your place on the Step into Your Soulful Business Workshop now. When you sign up your will receive 2 bonuses  What's Your Money Personality video 10 tips to improve your relationship with money Both bonuses will help you change your relationship with money, to assist in building a financially successful business.

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