Silves Medieval Fair

1st August 2018 - 31st August 2018 | Silves, Portugal

About Silves Medieval Fair (Dates to be confirmed)

A unique festival which promises to take you back in time, Silves Medieval Fair is a ten-day journey through the medieval ages. There really could be no better setting for this event as Silves was an important thoroughfare and a bustling city during the twelfth century, deserving of its place as capital of the Algarve, or the Al-Gharb as it was known then. One of the highlights of the fair is the sumptuous medieval Royal Banquet which takes place within the walls of the great Silves Castle. Dine on lavish Arabian food, such as harissa, tagine and couscous, just as the castle’s former residents would have done. You can also witness medieval sporting tournaments and stage shows during this wonderful elongated re-enactment.

Helpful information about Silves Medieval Fair

Silves Medieval Fair takes place during ten days in August at the magnificent Silves Castle in the Algarve. The activities start each evening at 6pm when the city transforms into its former medieval state and carry on until 1am. The cathedral forecourt hosts a closing show on the final night of the fair. Entry to the fair costs €2 per person, a seat at the tournament costs €5 and entry to the castle costs €5 per person. If you’d like to attend the fair, fly in Faro, which is the nearest airport. From there, take the one-hour train journey to Silves.

Making the most of Silves Medieval Fair

If you’d like to really immerse yourself in the fair, why not rent yourself a knight’s costume on entry to the castle so that you’ll really fit in. Around every corner, you’ll encounter dramatisations of daily twelfth century life. Be prepared to stumble upon groups of troubadors, jugglers, jesters, drummers and dancers showing off their bellydancing skills. The sporting tournaments start at 8pm where you can cheer on your favourite jousting team and admire their horse riding skills. After this, head to the castle where you’ll find snake charmers, acrobats and musicians to entertain you in true medieval style.

Where to stay in Silves for Silves Medieval Fair

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Things to do near Silves Medieval Fair

You’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do in Silves so make sure you stay for long enough to discover its amazing sights, including: Quinta Do Frances Winery, the Arade Dam and the Armacao de Pera Beach.

More information about Silves Medieval Fair

To find out more information about this wonderful event, please head to the Silves municipal council’s official website where you’ll be able to view the final programme of events for the 2018 fair, learn more about the history of the event and find out how to get to Silves Medieval Fair.

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