San Miniato Truffle Fair

11th November 2017 - 30th November 2017 | Tuscany, Italy

About San Miniato Truffle Fair, Tuscany

Truffles have always been considered a luxury food product and are only available growing naturally in very specific areas. One such place is San Miniato in Italy, where the white truffle is highly sought after. This brings with it the yearly Truffle Fair, where you can sample and purchase the white truffles. The market stalls also offer an array of other food and wine during the three-week period, as well as award shows and cooking displays. The White Truffle, also known as uber magnatum, can sell for as much as €13,000 per kilogram. In 2010 a pair of white truffles sold for over €300,000.

Helpful information about San Miniato Truffle Fair, Tuscany

The nearest airport to San Miniato is Florence Airport, which is an hour away on the train for no more than 12 Euros. The fair takes place for the last three weeks of November, which is for tourists, locals and those working in retail. If you are hiring a car for the week, the city centre is closed for the occasion, so it is easier to walk to the truffle fair or use public transport. If you are purchasing any to take home, check with your local customs as to if there are any restrictions on bringing into the country.

Making the most of San Miniato Truffle Fair, Tuscany

Given the event in San Minato is towards the end of the year, temperatures can drop and there is more chance of rain, so remember the festival is outdoors. There will be plenty to eat and drink, not just truffles, so make a day of it and stay for lunch. If you’re buying any products, then be mindful of the prices and make sure you have plenty of spending money! Whilst at the fair, book on a truffle hunt with the professionals – it will be more educational than you might expect. You may even find your own award winning truffle.

Where to stay in Tuscany for San Miniato Truffle Fair

Look to rent from a selection of villas and apartments, holiday homes, B&B’s and other properties in San Miniato itself. Located in the centre of Tuscany it is easy in a good location to arrive from wherever you choose to stay. Check our accommodation in San Miniato.

Things to do near San Miniato Truffle Fair, Tuscany

San Miniato is famous for its truffles so go on your own truffle hunt, whilst Florence has the Piazzale Michelangelo and the Piazza Del Duomo, then there’s the famous leaning tower of Pisa and much more with regular day trips available elsewhere within the region.

More information about San Miniato Truffle Fair, Tuscany

For more details about the truffle fair, including: Tuscan food, San Minato Truffles, the White Truffle Fair, different varieties and what to watch out for when purchasing truffles, visit the San Miniato website.

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