Rock n Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

15th October 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

About the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP (Dates to be confirmed)

The Rock ’n’ Roll Lisbon Marathon EDP is a road race starting in the village of Cascais and stretching along the south eastern coastal road up to Lisbon. The marathon is part of a series of global races which is characterised by the route being lined with live musicians and cheerleaders, giving the event more of a party vibe than most marathons. The course is particularly beautiful with 13 kilometres of the race taking place along the waterfront, snaking through the heart of Lisbon and ending up in the capital’s expo centre at the Parque das Nações. Whether you plan to participate in the race or spectate, there’ll be plenty to entertain you.

Helpful information about the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

The Marathon starts at 8.30am at the Cascais Hippodrome in the town of Cascais. The easiest way to get to Cascais from Lisbon is via CP train from the capital’s central Cais do Sodré station. If you’re planning on participating in the Half or Mini Marathons, both of which start at 10.30am on the same day at the Vasco da Gama bridge, you must take the free shuttle buses from Gare do Oriente station or Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre. If you’d like to register to take part in the race, you can do so here at a price of between €40 and €75, depending on how soon you register. The charge includes a free T-shirt and official Runners Bag.

Making the most of the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

One of the highlights of the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon is the music, of course, which makes it a great event for both participants and spectators. The route is lined with local and national bands who play on stages at various points of the race. Last year’s bands included a Bryan Adams tribute as well as local favourites Decore and Bootleg. The weekend’s activities end with a celebratory concert, held at the Parque das Nações where the race ends. 

Where to stay in Lisbon for the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

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Things to do near the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

While you’re in Lisbon, you’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do in this fascinating city, including: Igreja da Sao Vicente de Fora, the National Pantheon of Santa Engracia and the Largo do Carmo.

More information about the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Lisbon EDP

To find out more information about this fun race, please head to the Lisbon Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon official website where you’ll be able to buy tickets, check out reviews of the 2017 race, view past results and check out the official programme of events related to the race.

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