Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

31st December 2017 | Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

Reveillon, or New Year’s Eve, is one of the biggest celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and is accompanied by an incredible fireworks display. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals line the city’s Copacabana Beach to get a front-seat view of one of the world’s largest firework displays. Lasting twenty minutes, pyrotechnics are launched from the many barges spread out across the sea making the entire horizon seem as if it’s on fire. Choreographed to a Brazilian soundtrack, the Reveillon display really is an amazing performance. The world’s largest beach party continues long after the fireworks end, providing an unforgettable start to 2017.

Helpful information about Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve at Rio de Janeiro’s Reveillon, you’re in for an amazing experience. Those famous Brazilian beats will start ringing out at around 8pm on the Avenue Atlantica and live samba bands will get your body shaking all the way up to midnight. After the fireworks, cross over to the Ipanema beaches where you’ll find plenty of talented DJs taking you on a journey through electronic music until the sun rises. To get to Rio, fly in to Galeão International Airport, around 12 miles north of the city. From there, you’ll find plenty of taxis to take you to the celebrations.

Making the most of Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

Rio de Janeiro’s Reveillon is not just about the evening celebrations - it’s an all-day affair. Most people head to the beach to offer flowers and candles to the goddess of fertility, lemanjá, where there are plenty of free activities going on to get you in the party mood. Be aware that the dress code is white, representing renewal in keeping with the New Year. Being the superstitious bunch that the Brazilians are, it’s a good idea to honour this tradition if you’re heading out to Reveillon in Rio. Once the fireworks have rung in 2017, follow the crowd and head to the sea to jump over seven waves, making a wish with each jump.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro for Reveillon Fireworks Display

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Things to do near Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

If you’re travelling to Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do in this amazing city, including: Corcovado Christ the Redeemer; Theatro Muncipal do Rio de Janeiro; and Prainha Beach. Take a trip up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain for the best view of the city.

More information about Rio Reveillon Fireworks Display

To find out more information about the Reveillon, please contact the city’s Tourism Office where you’ll be able to find out the best Reveillon parties, how to get to Copacabana beach and view the full official schedule for the big day.

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