Procession of the Cross

30th March 2018 | Rome, Italy

About the Procession of the Cross, Rome

Following the Christian religion and commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Procession of the Cross is a long standing tradition in which the Pope leads a parade through the streets of Rome in honour of Good Friday.   Starting at the world famous Colosseum in ancient Rome and through to Palatine Hill, the cross makes fourteen stops along the route. Each one represents a point along which Jesus was lead to his death. The Pope holds a brief ceremony at each location.  Thousands of followers join the procession holding torches alight, making for a memorable experience for all, no matter what your personal beliefs are.

Helpful information about the Procession of the Cross

The nearest airports are Ciampino Airport and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, which are approximately 45 minutes away from the city centre of Rome. The central train station of Termini is within walking distance of the processions starting point at the Colosseum and that of Palatine Hill. Metro stations are also close by.  While the parade takes place on public ground and is therefore free to watch, combined entry to the start/finish points of Colosseum and Palatine Hill are available for €12 (or €7.50 for European residents between 18 and 25).

Making the most of the Procession of the Cross

Witnessing the Procession of the Cross and the chance to see the Pope draws spectators and participants from around the world, so in order to make the most of the occasion take time to consider your options.  Whereabouts on the walk are you likely to get the best view?  The beginning and end have impressive back drops but attract the larger crowds, if you’re looking to pray then investigate alternative stops along the route.  Why not book onto a walking tour at the same time, see the procession and learn about Ancient Rome’s history along the way.

Where to stay in Rome for the Procession of the Cross

Choose from a wide range of private rentals close to the Colloseum or Palatine Hill. Whether you are looking to rent along the route of the Procession of the Cross or elsewhere in the city, most visitors find it easiest to walk around Rome to reach their destination. Check our accommodation in Rome

Things to do near the Procession of the Cross

While in Rome for Easter visit the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.  The famous Colosseum and ruins at the Roman Forum are the centre piece of ancient Rome, or take a walking tour elsewhere in the city to find the famous Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon temple.

More information about the Procession of the Cross

To find out more about the Procession of the Cross, including: the history, Good Friday, the feast of the cross, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the orthodox church, passion of Christ and more visit here.

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