Portimão Sardine Festival

1st August 2018 - 31st August 2018 | Portugal, Portugal

About Portimão Sardine Festival (Dates to be confirmed)

The Portimão Sardine Festival is an annual seafood celebration which draws thousands to this fishing town in the Algarve. Local fishermen and beachside restaurants line up along the seafront to present their delicious fresh sardines in a variety of ways: grilled, oven-roasted, raw, poached - there’s plenty of ways to serve this delicious fish. It’s nothing short of a pescatarian paradise! The festival has an unrelentless party atmosphere - not only are you assured of plenty of delicious meals, you’ll be up and dancing in no time to the live bands playing the area’s variety of fado and rock music. You’ll also find cooking demonstrations if you’d like to replicate the delicious dishes you’ve been served up and plenty of entertainment for children too.

Helpful information about Portimão Sardine Festival

The Portimão Sardine Festival takes place in early August in the Algarve coastal town of Portimão. Visitors tend to arrive at the festival at around 7pm once the August sun has abated. The long line of restaurants runs from one end of the waterfront promenade, by the local museum, to the other which ends at the old bridge. For more information on the festival, head to the official website. If you’re planning on flying in to the festival, book a flight to Faro International Airport, which has regular flights from the UK and other European destinations, and then take a bus to Faro train station. From there, you can take a train (for under €10) for the hour and a half trip to Portimão.

Making the most of Portimão Sardine Festival

Due to the increasing popularity of this festival, it regularly proves very difficult to find a parking space. Therefore, we would recommend either staying in Portimão and walking to the festival or staying elsewhere in the Algarve and arriving via public transport. There is plenty of top quality accommodation of various types on the Eventful Stays website either in Portimão or in neighbouring areas within the Algarve.

Where to stay in Portimão for Portimão Sardine Festival

Make the most of your trip to this delicious event by staying in the perfect rental accommodation for you. Book with Eventful Stays and you can choose to stay in beachfront apartments, flats, villas, bed and breakfasts, studios or townhouses, all within easy reach of the festival on foot or via public transport. Check out our accommodation in the Algarve

Things to do near Portimão Sardine Festival

When planning your trip, you’ll quickly discover that there’s plenty to see and do in and around Portimão so make sure you stay for long enough to check out all the essential sights, including: Praia Da Rocha, Museu de Portimao and the thrilling Autodromo Internacional do Algarve.

More information about Portimão Sardine Festival

To find out more information about this tasty event, please head to official website where you’ll be able to check out the festival location, see photos from the 2016 Sardine Festival and see the official programme for the 2017 event.

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