Night of San Lorenzo

10th August 2018 | Rome, Italy

About the Night of San Lorenzo, Rome

Each year a meteor shower can be seen in the night sky peaking during the period of 6th August and 14th August.  The feast day of Saint Lawrence falls during this period on the 10th August, at which time many Italians venture to the quieter outskirts of the city to try and spot a shooting star.  While it is acknowledged as a meteor shower occurring annually, the myth and legend stems from the Catholic belief they were the tears of Saint Lawrence suspended as they fell from the sky.  In more recent years this has become a traditional and romantic time to spend in places such as the beautiful Villa Borghese.

Helpful information about the Night of San Lorenzo, Rome

Ciampino and Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) are the nearest airports to Rome, to arrive in the city centre take the train to the main Termini Station.  Although no official events, among the popular places to view the night sky on the Feast Day of Saint Lawrence is Villa Borghese which is within walking distance of the main station.  In previous years, professional astronomers have been on hand to help you see the meteor shower and nearby constellations for free.

Making the most of the Night of San Lorenzo, Rome

Italy after all is known for its romantic side, so why not take a picnic to the countryside for a special evening under the stars.  While August is in the height of summer, this is of course a natural spectacle and as such cannot be taken for granted, the meteor shower is an annual occurrence but viewing depends on how clear the sky is on the night.  Therefore, check online for weather conditions and visibility before heading out, or take advantage of the various vine yards that hold wine tasting to commemorate the long-standing tradition of the Night of San Lorenzo.

Where to stay in Rome for the Night of San Lorenzo

Look through a selection of apartments, villas, B&B’s, holiday homes, spare rooms and other private rentals in quieter regions away from the city centre.  If you are looking to travel from central Rome, it is easy to get around on foot or public transport.  Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do in Rome for the Night of San Lorenzo

As the meteor shower will only be visible in the night time, use the daytime to visit Ancient Rome and the colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum. See the Pope at Vatican City, which also includes St Peter’s Square and the Sistine Chapel.  Take a walking tour for other areas such as the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon Temple.

More information about the Night of San Lorenzo

You can find more about the origins of the Night of San Lorenzo, including: the Perseids Meteor Shower and peak activity, the history of Saint Lawrence and his feast day along with tears of Saint Lawrence.

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