Moros y Cristianos Festival

22nd April 2018 - 24th April 2018 | Alcoy, Alicante, Spain, Spain

About the Moros y Cristianos Festival in Alcoy

While not known for historical accuracy, the Moros y Cristianos Festival takes place all over Spain and depicts the capture of Spain by the Moorish forces and their gradual defeat by Ferdinand and Isabella.

Perhaps the best place to see this festival is in Alcoy in Alicante where the locals remember the Battle of Alcoy in 1275 when St George helped defeat the Moors. Expect lots of fun and noise as the opposing armies march around town accompanies by their own bands, engaging in battle. You'll see the Christians defeated in the morning, the arrival of their hero St George and the defeat of the Moorish forces soon after.

With 28 armies involved in the battles and preparation that is year round, this is one serious festival in Alcoy and one that will live on in your memory for years to come.

Places to stay near Alcoy for the Moros y Cristianos Festival

Being such a popular place to attend the Moros y Cristianos festival, Alcoy gets booked up far in advance. However the nearby Costa Blanca is full of great accommodation from apartments to luxury villas, so perhaps book somewhere to stay between Alicante and Benidorm and enjoy a beach break combined with a little history.

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