Mille Miglia

1st May 2018 - 31st May 2018 | Rome, Italy

About Mille Miglia, Rome (Dates to be confirmed)

Mille Miglia is a 1000-mile endurance race, which originally ran from 1927 to 1957.  Having then been revived in the early 80’s it has continued to grow as a road rally event, in 2017 450 cars took part drawing huge crowds along the route.  In honour of the original race, only those built prior to 1957 are allowed to take part.  Whilst the course starts and finishes in Brescia, it has become largely popular in Rome as the middle stages are run through the beautiful city.  The event attracts entrants from all over the world, which has previously included Formula 1 racing legends Juan Manuel Fangio and Mika Hakkinen.

Helpful information about Mille Miglia, Rome

The nearest airports to Rome are Ciampino and Fiumicino (aka Leonardo da Vinci International Airport), which are no more than 45 minutes into the city.  Although a four-day event, the Mille Miglia is set to arrive in Rome for days two and three.  If you are just spectating then it is free, with all cars anticipated to have finished arriving by around 9pm with an early start of 6.30am the following day.  Taking part in the event however costs around €8,500 per team of two, which includes all hospitality for the weekends racing (hotels, dinner, lunch and the awards ceremony). 

Making the most of Mille Miglia, Rome

If you’re thinking of getting involved then be mindful to look into the finer details of entering, as well as ensuring you are covered by your insurance.  As a spectator it’s a great time to be in the city for car enthusiasts, check the route to find out where they will be congregating for the night and with a wide range of classic and vintage cars, ancient Rome will provide the perfect backdrop.  Remember to arrive early to see the leaders arriving and bring a pack lunch as it will be a long day.  Whilst the following day will be an early start to wave the competitors on their way.

Where to stay in Rome for the Mille Miglia

Book private rentals, including villas and apartments near to ancient Rome. If you wish to stay near the course or elsewhere in the city it is easy to get around on foot or via public transport. Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near the Mille Miglia

Ancient Rome features the famous Colosseum, Roman Baths, Palatine Hill and the ruins of the Roman Forum.  Whilst at Vatican City you will find the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica.  Discover it all, along with the Trevi Fountain and the temple of Pantheon during a walking tour of the city. 

More information about Mille Miglia

To find out more about Mille Miglia, including: the original race and its history, the 2016 edition, programme of events, the route, entrants and previous results, rules and regulations, news, details on how to enter and more visit the official website.

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