Milan Marathon

8th April 2018 | Milan, Guadeloupe

About the Milan Marathon, Milan

Each year in the centre of Milan, competitors from all over the world gather to take part in the 26-mile race.  Having first been established in the year 2000 the event has continually gained momentum, with around 15,000 competitors anticipated to increase to 20,000.  The course itself was designed with the help of the legendary distance runner Haile Gebrselassie, taking runners and spectators past some of the most historical sites within the city.  The event has been dominated by Kenyan athletes, and also attracts runners of all levels.  As well as the main race, there is also a unique relay marathon allowing for a team event. 

Helpful information about the Milan Marathon

There are three main airports into Milan, Malpensa, Orlo Al Serio with Linate being the closest.  It will take around 40 minutes to reach central Milan, costing €20 for a period return on the train. Taking part in the marathon is between €49 and €79 depending when you register, which includes goodies such as your official t-shirt, refreshments, medal and various gifts from sponsors.  Sign up in advance, you may also need a license/medical certificate in which case review the FAQ on the official website.  As a spectator it is free to watch, with the race due to start at 9.30am, finishing when the last runner crosses the line.

Making the most of the Milan Marathon

If you are taking part then check the rules and regulations in advance, study the circuit and ensure you provide all the relevant information and are confident of your registration being successful prior to booking where to stay.  Ensure you bring supplies where needed and train in the build up to the event.  As a spectator the course is a circular track, decide where you wish to view as Milan will be busy with a number of streets closed for the race.  Arrive early if you wish to get a good spot, especially near to the start and finishing line or any of the key landmarks.

Where to stay in Milan for the Milan Marathon

Stay within central Milan, where you will find a vast selection of houses, apartments, holiday homes, villas and other properties to rent.  If you are looking elsewhere in the city, it is easy to get around via public transport to help you arrive at your location.  Check our accommodation in Milan.

Things to do near the Milan Marathon

One of the largest cathedrals in Europe is the impressive gothic Duomo di Milano, featuring an amazing view of Milan from its rooftop.  There’s also the famous “The Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci at the Santa Maria delle Grazie, or in the evening watch an opera at Teatro alla Scala.

More information about the Milan Marathon

There is the official website available where you can find information on:  the Milan Marathon, half marathon and relay marathon, details on the race and a map of the course, how to sign up and register, tourist information, sponsors and more.

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