Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

27th October 2017 - 29th October 2017 | Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

About the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

The Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party is a weekend festival of jazz which takes place in The Village Hotel in North Tyneside. Developed from the origins of the Whitley Bay International Jazz Festival, trumpeter Mike Durham created his own weekend jazz party which continues to welcome fine musicians from across the globe. The party starts at midday on Friday and continues until late on Sunday evening with some impromptu jam sessions usually taking place in the Victory Pub during the early hours. Around 25 bands are booked for your entertainment during the festival with approximately a third of those hailing from overseas and playing early jazz genres including ragtime and swing. 

Helpful information about the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

The Classic Jazz Party takes place from midday on Friday 27th October to late evening on Sunday 29th October at the Villlage Hotel. A seat for the festival costs £160 per person and can be bought from the official website here. The Village Hotel is situated about four miles from Whitley Bay on the Cobalt Business Park. If you’re travelling by rail, get off at Newcastle Central Station and either take a taxi to the venue or hop on the number 19 bus heading to Silverlink North. The bus stops directly in front of the hotel. For international visitors, fly in to Newcastle International Airport which is approximately twelve miles from the venue. 

Making the most of the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

The Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party creates a dedicated theme for each festival so keep an eye on the website for the announcement of the 2017 theme. While there is always a particular focus on young musicians, other themes include an emphasis on women’s contributions to early jazz. A diverse range of performances include big bands playing well-known standards to soloists tugging at the heart strings with emotional renditions of classic compositions. In addition, the jam sessions allow individuals to really show what they’re made of! 

Where to stay in Newcastle for the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

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Things to do near the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

Newcastle is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities so you’ll find plenty to see and do while you’re in the area, including: St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, Alnwick Castle and Jesmond Dene Park. Take some time to admire the Tyne Bridge in the city centre - it’s not difficult to see that its design was the inspiration for Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge.

More information about the Mike Durham Classic Jazz Party

To find out more information about the Jazz Party, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to find out which musicians are attending the event, book tickets for the Party and find out the 2017 concert theme once it’s announced.

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