Mediterranean Fair

16th March 2018 - 18th March 2018 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

About the Mediterranean Fair

The Mediterranean Fair in Dubrovnik is an exhibition involving over 200 exhibitors promoting organic food, sustainable development and healthy eating. Now in its 14th year, the event attracts specialists from around South Eastern Europe to present workshops, give lectures and exchange ideas. Previous workshops have focused on the cultivation and preparation of organic food as well as how to maintain a nutritionally rich diet. In addition to round table discussions and the all-important sampling of delicious organic food, there will be traditional dancing and live music at various venues around the city to delight the 30,000-strong crowd. 

Helpful information about the Mediterranean Fair

The 2017 Mediterranean Fair takes place at Hotel Tirena, Babin Kuk in Dubrovnik. Please check out the official website for more details on the 2017 event’s programme, ticketing system and registration process. If you’d like to travel to Croatia for one of Europe’s top organic gatherings, fly into Dubrovnik International Airport in Čilipi which is about 20 kilometres from the city centre. To get into town, take a ride in one of the many waiting taxis or use a shuttle bus service, such as AutoTrans, to take you into the city. 

Making the most of the Mediterranean Fair

Dubrovnik is well-suited to host an organic fair, being part of one of the few regions to declare the area a GMO-free zone. In fact, the idea was thought up at one of the first Mediterranean Fairs and has brought the city a well-deserved reputation as a prime eco-tourist destination. As well as raising consciousness in terms of healthy eating and the medicinal qualities of the food we consume, the Mediterranean Fair places a firm focus on the production of ecologically-sound products. You’ll find plenty of great examples of ethical furniture and clothing at the Fair. 

Where to stay in Dubrovnik for the Mediterranean Fair

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Things to do near the Mediterranean Fair

Make sure you book plenty of time to check out the sights around Dubrovnik, including: The Franciscan Monastery, Fort Lovrijenac and Korcula Island.

More information about the Mediterranean Fair

To find out more information about this ground-breaking event, please head to the Mediterranean Fair’s website where you’ll be able to find out how to buy tickets for the events, the final dates of the Fair and a full programme of all the activities taking place during the Fair.

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