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Manchester Hypnotherapy Certification & NLP Practitioner Diploma Course

18th November 2017 | True Serenity Ltd, United Kingdom

“Discover the, until now, Jealously Guarded Insider Secrets of The Millionaire Famous Name Hypnotists That The Vast Majority of Hypnosis & NLP Trainers Either Don’t Know or Are Just Plain Too Scared to Teach You as they don’t want to create any Real Competition for themselves in the Industry…” WATCH THE VIDEO = https://youtu.be/q7m-ELMVopQ CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW Dear Seeker of Hypnotic Knowledge & Success, As stated in the short video above, on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th NOVEMBER 2017, you have the very rare opportunity to spend each day with me from 9-30am until around 5-35pm learning all of my most Powerful and Effective, Tried, Tested and Proven to work Secrets of Hypnotic Success. This truly unique and unrivaled intensive training event is being held at The True Serenity Holistic Health Centre (http://www.trueserenity.co.uk/) at Blue Pitts Mill in Castleton (Rochdale) Greater Manchester (England) which is easily accessible by Car, Rail and Air from all over the world. Whether you are a complete Novice who desires to become a Confident and Competent Diploma bearing Professional Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and my Unique Approaches of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques(MELT) together with all the skills of the Stage & Street Hypnotists or you are an established Hypnotic Professional who desires to hone their skills, taking them to the next level THEN THIS IS THE ONLY COURSE YOU WILL EVER NEED… Indeed after the event you will walk away with back up training materials and post course support materials which themselves are worth many times the small cost of attending alone. You will gain access to everything mentioned in this video and much, much more besides.. WATCH THE VIDEO = https://youtu.be/AfCwkfBgzIY Indeed in additon to everything mentioned in the above video, you will after attending also be given access to the vast majority of items listed on this site http://www.sellfy.com/JonathanRoyle/ and you will also get everything that is detailed on this site as well http://www.sellfy.com/HealingSecrets/ All of that is worth many times the small cost of attending this truly Unique and Unrivalled Intensive Accelerated Learning Two Day Live Training Event. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW During these Two Action and Information Packed Days, together with the bumper package of back up training materials and invaluable business and success building resources that you will walk away with, you will ultimately learn far more that is of real Practical use than any other trainer on the planet would ever (or could ever) teach you…. HOW CAN I BE SO CONFIDENT THIS IS THE RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU? Well the simple fact is that RESULT’S COUNT and over the past 25+ Years I have for example Developed and Perfected my own Powerful Treatment approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” – (CMT) and you will learn every element of this approach which is now used by Therapy Practitioners all over the world (including major household names)which will enable you to Consistently, Reliably and Successfully help most anyone to overcome and eliminate most any Habit, Fear, Phobia, Addiction or other problem/issues within a single 60 to 90 minute session with ease! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW You Will also become one of the first people in the World to ever receive Live In Person training in my new Cutting Edge Psychological Treatment Approaches which are used under the umbrella name of “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” – (M.E.L.T) which can also stand for Mental Elimination of Life’s Troubles and are so powerful that they can, often change people’s life for the better in the matter of a few short minutes, thus making them ideal for Live Radio & Television Show Appearances which you will of course be taught how to obtain as part of this training package! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW As well as Becoming a Diploma Bearing Certified Practitioner of my “Complete Mind Therapy” (CMT) and also “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” (MELT) you will also gain qualifications in Conventional Hypnotherapy and Advanced NLP Techniques. MELT Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW Not only will you learn how to become a truly Confident and Competent Mind Therapy Practitioner, but also and perhaps more importantly, by way of this package you will learn how to earn more money from your Hypnosis Skills & Talents than you perhaps ever dreamed was possible. Over the years I’ve been featured on literally 100’s & 100’s of Major Television and radio Shows all over the world, I’ve received extensive and regular Features in all of the UK Daily and Sunday Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspapers and also in numerous Newspapers and Glossy Magazines Around the world. I’ve been linked in the media to Major Household name Celebrities, used my Hypnotic Skills to help Major Sporting Teams and well lets just cut to the chase, thanks to my Hypnotic Marketing Skills, before I turned 30 years of age I was able to buy my own home, outright for Cash (no mortgages, loans or borrowing of any kind needed) that flat is now producing a rental income, whilst I now live in another larger property, again upon which it is true to state that I owe absolutely no money whatsoever in any manner! YOU WILL LEARN EXACTLY HOW I WAS ABLE TO ACHIEVE ALL THIS AND HOW YOU COULD POSSIBLY ACHIEVE SIMILAR OR EVEN BETTER RESULT’S CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW Discover Your Own Hypnotic Cash Machine You will also be taught in a simple step by step, easy to understand and implement manner, exactly how I am able to go to sleep at night and awaken in the morning, regularly having added more money to my bank balance overnight than most people do in a week and indeed often having, whilst I slept for the night, produced earnings greater than many people achieve in their jobs or businesses in an entire month. Now admittedly I cannot be there to ensure that you put into action what you will learn from this package, but for those of you who do put into action, the tried, tested and consistently proven to work techniques, strategies and approaches that I will teach you, then the sky really is the limit as arguably these are the EXACT METHOD’S USED BY ALL OF THE MILLIONAIRE HYPNOTIST’S IN THE WORLD TODAY. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis Expert Jonathan Royle In the picture above I am performing one of my Hilarious Comedy Stage Hypnosis shows for a Corporate event that cost the company that booked me well over $10,000 to engage me for, and yes during your study of this package, you will learn how I have been able to obtain such high paying shows for years (all over the world) and how you could do the same! And of course you’ll be taught everything there is to know about all areas of Safe, Legal, Licensed, Insured Comedy Stage Hypnotism and also Street Hypnosis. Yes that means you will learn all of the Worlds Most Powerful and Reliable Instant And Rapid Hypnotic Trance Induction Techniques, including ones that the vast majority of Hypnotists and Hypnosis Trainers don’t even know how to do properly! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW If for any strange reason, you did not pay full attention to the short video that was at the top of the page, and indeed even if you did watch it, I encourage you toWATCH IT AGAIN NOW…WATCH THE VIDEO = https://youtu.be/q7m-ELMVopQ CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW So in a nutshell what I am basically promising you is the Most Comprehensive, No Stone Left Unturned, Truly Unrivaled Complete Package of Training Materials covering all and I do mean ALL AREAS of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Complete Mind Therapy (CMT), Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT), Meridian Tapping Approaches, Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Even Derren Brown Style Mind Control and Mentalism Mind Reading techniques that is available from anybody, anywhere in the world today! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW YOUR ONE YEAR (365 DAY) 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Simply Take Action today and secure your place to attend this Unique Two Day Live Training event, then study all of the back up training materials that you will walk away with and put into action all of the invaluable resources that you will gain access to also, and if at the end of 365 Days (one year) after attending the Live Two Day Weekend Training event with me, if at that point you are not entirely delighted with what you have been taught and you have not profited from your tiny investment at least ten times over THEN JUST ASK AND YOU CAN HAVE 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK** CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW Look I don’t expect you to take my word for it, that this is without doubt the GREATEST HYPNOSIS TRAINING PACKAGE in the World Today…. Instead take a look at all of the videos that follow from a small selection of the many thousands of delighted students I now have all over the world. And remember that you will receive the EXACT SAME TRAINING THEY DID and you will LEARN EVERYTHING THEY DID so if you like what you hear them saying about the way I teach and what you will learn, then quite simply you must grab this opportunity with both hands before all the Strictly Limited Places are snapped up… FOR VIDEO TESTIMONIALS VISIT = http://www.htglive.com And If you’ve not secured your place to attend yet after watching those videos, then take a look at the links that follow, at this small selection of written testimonials out of the many thousands of similar truly positive comments we hold on file in our offices: (Stage & Street Hypnosis Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/stagestudents (Hypnotherapy & NLP Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/therapystudents (Marketing & Publicity Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/marketing (Magic & Mentalism Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/mindcontrol CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT ROYLE TRAINING If you have not already made the intelligent decision to grab your ticket right away (remember the earlier you buy the cheaper it will be) then check out even more comments, testimonial and positive praise from some of my past delighted students here – http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkohIMPORTANT REMINDER = When you secure your place to attend this Unique Three Day Live Training Event, you will learn EVERYTHING that the people who gave those video and written testimonials were taught by me and you will learn them in EXACTLY the same manner as they did as you will gain access to video recordings of the EXACT EVENTS these people attended with me and the EXACT back up training materials these people also studied prior to giving those amazing comments! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW And as Stated in the video at top of this page, you will amongst numerous other Back Up Training Materials and Business/Success Building resources (worth over £5,000 Sterling) walk away with a Full Year’s Telephone and Email Consultancy directly with me and also gain access to a Strictly Invitation Only Private Members Facebook Groupwhere you can get further advice and continued support from some of my past students located all over the world. On each of the evenings of the training event, you are welcome to join me and the other delegates for Food, Fun and Drinks and also the opportunity to have even more time to ask me anything you want about Hypnosis, NLP and related topics. This truly will be one of the most memorable and valuable experiences of your life! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW For now I will leave you by saying Good Luck in everything you wish to achieve, and remember that places are Strictly Limited and also the ticket price will be rising back every week until it gets to the regular retail price of £797 in the very near future, so GRAB YOUR PLACE NOW for just a fraction of that price…. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW IMPORTANT NOTE = The training room is located on the top floor of the buildingand is accessed by lift. So people scared of Heights or Lifts Should not attend andwould do well to book a therapy session with me via www.magicalguru.com toovercome those issues! Dr. Jonathan Royle – Mind Coach CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW **Proof May be requested (such as accounts endorsed by a professional accountant) should you claim not to have earnt at least $12,000 more during the year following attendance at the course than you did in the previous 12 months previously. **Proof that you have downloaded and studied all of the back up training materials and resources and took action to really try them out in the real world may also be requested. **Failure to comply with such requests and/or failure to supply satisfactory proof will mean that no refund is possible. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW A FINAL REVIEW OF ONE DAY OF MY TRAINING FROM SKY TELEVISION’S“FAT FAMILIES” PRESENTER AND CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPISTSTEVE MILLER Steve Miller Clinical Hypnotherapist Can Clinical Hypnotherapists Learn From Stage Hypnotists? by Steve Miller. As a Clinical Practitioner I have always been fascinated by stage hypnotists. Stage is something I would personally never do, however with an open mind and an open heart I set out recently on a journey to understand whether Clinical Hypnotherapists could benefit from listening to the strategies employed by stage hypnotists. I came across a guy called Jonathan Royle AKA Alex William Smith who I perceived as a radical experienced stage hypnotist but someone who also treats clinical conditions. Having made contact some time ago I found him straight talking (my preference) and incredibly knowledgeable. Having posed my question to Mr Royle he kindly invited me to sit in one of his training programmes which I did yesterday. I attended with an open mind and throughout the day listened carefully to his view that hypnosis does not really exist and was nothing more than a ritualistic process. Indeed I was intrigued to know more and as he continued with what can only be described as an incredible knowledge of hypnosis, my mind opened to his standpoint. As the day continued he demonstrated his talent for both stage and clinical hypnosis, demonstrating showmanship and rapid induction techniques. His view that success comes from the practitioner’s own confidence and self belief is something I share. What also struck me was his passion for ethics and care of the client, as well as health and safety in the consulting room. The day was delivered in a forthright manner and I drew the conclusion that perhaps the day has arrived for clinical schools to open their doors to teaching advanced showmanship and persona management for Hypnotherapists. As for the question whether or not hypnosis really truly exists, the jury is still out. One thing for sure however is that we should perhaps listen a little more and have an open mind so that we all learn from each other. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKET NOW

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