London Design Festival

15th September 2018 - 27th September 2018 | London, United Kingdom

About the London Design Festival (Dates to be confirmed)

The London Design Festival is a nine-day celebration comprising over 400 events with the aim of encouraging creativity across the capital. The hub for the festival is South Kensington’s V&A Museum which last year hosted installations, talks and workshops. However, the activities are widely spread amongst other key venues across the city, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. Highlights of last year’s globally-renowned event included Liquid Marble - Mathieu Lehanneur’s expanse of black stone - and the utopia-themed London Design Biennale at Somerset House. If you’re a lover of great design and beautifully-crafted objects, make sure you attend the 2018 event!

Helpful information about the London Design Festival

This year’s festival will take place  at various venues across the city. As the festival will be made up of over 400 events, the easiest way to work out what you’d like to see and do is to check out all of the listings on the official website. The majority of events are free to enter but there are some which charge. Those which do are clearly marked in the festival guide which will be available to download from the website at the beginning of September 2018. You can plan your trip to any of the festival venues using Transport for London’s Journey Planner.

Making the most of the London Design Festival 

One of the wonderful aspects of the London Design Festival is seeing how talented designers are able to make creative use of the objects around us, even those that we often consider to be rubbish. One example of this was last year’s amazing ‘Waste Not Want Not’ series which asked designers to recreate objects out of Bloomberg London’s company rubbish bin. 

Where to stay in London for the London Design Festival 

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Things to do near the London Design Festival

If you’re heading to London for the festival, you’ll find that there’s plenty in this great city to guarantee lots of memorable moments: if you’re staying near the Victoria & Albert Museum, make sure you explore the nearby sights such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and shopping and dining in Knightsbridge 

More information about the London Design Festival 

To find out more about the creative pieces included in 2018’s festival, please go to the official website. You’ll also be able to check out the full list of 2017 festival events, learn about the history of the festival and explore other V&A collections.

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