1st May 2017 - 31st October 2017 | Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia

About Lindjo

A tradition unique to the Southern Dalmatian coast, performances of the folklore dance known as Lindjo take place during summer evenings in Dubrovnik. The streets of the city come alive with this ancient tradition as members of The Folklore Ensemble Lindjo perform their circular dance dressed in the colourful attire of the 18th century. Accompanied by an instrumentalist on a three-stringed banjo known as a lijerica, the dancers blend in perfectly with their Old Town location. If you’re in Dubrovnik for one of these evocative performances, you’ll find that it provides a perfect accompaniment to a balmy summer evening and a cool Croatian beer. 

Helpful information about Lindjo

The Lindjo Folk Dancing Performances take place at the Ploče Gate in the newly renovated area of Lazareti. Once a medieval quarantine complex, Lazareti is now Dubrovnik’s most sought-after entertainment space - home to wine festivals, club nights and exhibitions. You can buy a ticket to the Lindjo at the gate for 100 kuna. If you’d like to experience a live performance of this rare art, book your ticket to one of Croatia’s most popular coastal areas. Fly into Dubrovnik International Airport and then take a short taxi or bus ride, approximately 20 minutes, into the city centre. From there, head to Ul. Vrata od Ploča where you’ll find Lazareti.

Making the most of Lindjo

Despite being an ancient tradition, Lindjo is still surprisingly popular in today’s Dubrovnik. Performances of the folkloric dance are always well-attended and the Dalmatians take a great deal of pride in preserving their ancestral tradition. Part of the appeal of the pastime is the dance master who stands in the centre of the ring of dancers giving instructions in a humourous way, which often includes double entendres. Unless you understand Serbo-Croat, you may not be privy to the jokes but you’ll certainly appreciate the lighthearted atmosphere that Lindjo provokes. 

Where to stay in Dubrovnik for Lindjo

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Things to do near Lindjo

Make sure you book plenty of time to check out the sights around Dubrovnik, including: Korcula Island, Gornji Ugao Tower and the Franciscan Monastery. Why not take a day trip to Bosnia Herzegovina if you have the time. 

More information about Lindjo

To find out more information about this traditional event, please head to the Lindjo website where you’ll be able to find out where the dance troupe are performing, the performance dates and the address of the venues.

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