Le Mans 24

16th June 2018 - 17th June 2018 | Circuit de la Sarthe, le Mans, France

About the Le Mans 24 Hours, Le Mans 

The annual Le Mans 24 Hours race is an endurance sports car race held in France. Racing starts mid-afternoon and finishes the same time the following day, completing the 24 hours in one continuous period. The majority of teams utilise three drivers, rules dictating they are unable to spend any more than a 4-hour period behind the wheel in one go. There are 4 different categories of cars involved, although all take part at the same time. It is considered one of the most prestigious car races in the world. In 1988 the top speed record was set at 407km/h by Peugeot, while Porsche hold the most wins overall.

Helpful information about the Le Mans 24 Hours, Le Mans

The nearest international airport to Le Mans is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Reaching the circuit from Paris is quickest by the high-speed TGV train, which takes just under an hour, tickets cost less than €20. As such you can easily reach the track from wherever you decide to stay along the route. Tickets to the Le Mans 24 Hours cost around £80 to £90 for general admission tickets. Grandstand seating is available, ranging between £125 for the paddock to £160 for seating with the best view. Hospitality packages are also available, with access available from 10am through to 5pm the following day.

Making the most of the Le Mans 24 Hours

Watching Le Mans 24 Hours is also an endurance sport in itself, so plan your trip accordingly to make the most of the time. Realistically you may not stay awake for the duration, so plan to see either the start or finish of the race, which are both mid-afternoon. If you wish to stay for the whole race but need to sleep, book a pitch for a tent and sleeping bag. Bring warm clothes as it will get cold overnight. Read up on the rules and regulations to help follow who is leading, as there is more to it than a standard car race.

Where to stay in Le Mans, for the Le Mans 24 Hours

If you are planning to visit the Le Mans 24 Hours race, choose from a selection of houses, flats, B&B’s, cottages and other private rentals in the Pays de la Loire region of France. If you stay outside of the area you can reach Le Mans by car or via the high-speed TGV trains. Check our accommodation in France.

Things to do in Le Mans, near the Le Mans 24 Hours

While spending time at Circuit de la Sarthe take a look around the museum, watch even more racing during your stay or plenty of old cars to see at Circuit Maison Blanche. Visit the Entre Cours et Jardins within the medieval city, or take any youngsters to Papea Parc.

More information about the Le Mans 24 Hours

Find out about the Le Mans 24 Hours race for details including: rules and regulations of the Le Mans 24 Hours, the cars and drivers, the circuit, the Le Mans history, vintage races and modern innovations, along with much more.

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