La Vuelta a España

25th August 2018 - 8th September 2018 | Spain, Spain

About La Vuelta a España (Dates to be confirmed)

La Vuelta a España, or the Tour of Spain, is a three-week annual cycling tour around Spain which attracts the world’s top competitive riders. Starting for the first time with a team time trial in Nîmes, France, the 2018 Vuelta route will kick off on 25th August. The route changes each year, making it an exciting and challenging prospect for riders and spectators alike. Launched in 1935, the Vuelta is a UCI World Tour event with the winner of each stage earning the privilege of wearing the red jersey for the next section, similar to the other major European tours - the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.

Helpful information about La Vuelta a España

 The race route will take in mountains, flat roads and cities and will end, as is current tradition, in Madrid. To see whether 2016 winner Nairo Quintana can take the crown again in this final stage, fly in to Madrid-Barajas airport which is only 12 kilometres away from the city centre. To view all the latest route information, head to the official website.

Making the most of La Vuelta a España

Following La Vuelta a España is a great opportunity to spend some time in some of Spain’s most beautiful regions. The route traditionally takes in the Pyrenées mountain range and ends in Madrid but the rest of the itinerary is created from scratch each year. Having historically passed through such notable cities as Bilbao, San Sebastián and Santiago de Compostela, traversing the breathtaking Costa Blanca beaches and picturesque villages of Galicia, the 2018 tour is sure to take you on an amazing trip through Spain’s most beautiful areas. If you’d like to try out this beautiful route for yourself, why not take your bike with you and book rest stops at the accommodation provided by Eventful Stays?

Where to stay in Spain for La Vuelta a España  

Whether you’re coming to the tour to participate or to spectate, stay in the perfect rental accommodation for you. At Eventful Stays, you can choose to stay in any type of accommodation, from villas, penthouses, spare rooms and boats to studios or bed and breakfasts…all close to the tour stages. Check out our accommodation in Spain.

Things to do near La Vuelta a España

Being one of Europe’s top travel destinations, Spain has a wealth of ancient sights, thrilling activities and beautiful beaches for you to experience. Why not check out the World Heritage-listed Alhambra palace in Granada, the awe-inspiring Mezquita de Cordoba or the wonderful Southern beaches of Bolonia in Andalucía.

More information about La Vuelta a España

To find out more information about the Vuelta, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to find out plenty of facts about the 2018 route, where to watch the race and watch videos and view the 2017 photo gallery.

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