La Tomatina

29th August 2018 | Valencia, Spain

About La Tomatina

Undoubtedly one of Spain’s best-known festivals, La Tomatina is a huge event in which the town of Buñol becomes the setting for a large-scale tomato fight. Thousands flock to the Valencian municipality on the last Wednesday of August to take part in this hedonistic pursuit, the sole aim of which is simply to have fun. The origins of the event are uncertain - rumours abound that the first tomatoes were thrown as part of a class war protest but there is no official confirmation of this. Briefly shut down during Franco’s rule due to its lack of religious significance, La Tomatina returned due to popular demand and now attracts more participants than ever.

Helpful information about La Tomatina 

La Tomatina takes place  in the town of Buñol near Valencia. The nearest international airport to La Tomatina is Valencia. From there, you can travel the 29 kilometres to Buñol via train, changing at Vara de Quart and then travelling direct to Buñol. Alternatively, the best budget option is to travel by bus via Quart de Poblet. Since 2013, in response to growing numbers attending the festival and the need for more security, La Tomatina has charged an entry fee. You can buy your tickets online in advance from the official website.

Making the most of La Tomatina 

One of the great things about tomatoes is their acidic properties! After an hour of hardcore tomato-throwing, you might imagine that there would be an awful lot of street-cleaning to get through. However, tomatoes’ acidic content means that the town’s streets end up totally clean and disinfected after a quick hose-down. Once the participants have cleaned themselves up courtesy of the numerous street hoses, it’s time to head to one of La Tomatina after-parties. The biggest of these is the Tomatina Sound Festival which last year featured Spanish favourite DJ Nano together with Victor Perez and Vicente Ferrer.

Where to stay in Buñol for La Tomatina 

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Things to do near La Tomatina

If you’re heading to La Tomatina, make sure you leave enough time to check out the sights of nearby Valencia, including: Valencia Cathedral, Torre de Serranos and the Church of San Nicolas. Taking a bike tour around the city is a great way to get to know this gorgeous location. 

More information about La Tomatina  

If you’re looking for more information about La Tomatina, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to find out how to get tickets for the 2018 Tomatina, how to get to Buñol and how to find out more about the history of one of Spain’s top festivals.

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