International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

6th October 2017 - 8th October 2017 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

About the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

One of Croatia’s tastiest festivals, the annual International Festival of Jams and Marmalades welcomes jam producers from around the country to present their best products to the public. Held over the weekend in front of Dubrovnik’s St. Blaise Church, the event also features a best jam competition which is a prestigious title to attain, given the area’s rich history in this field. Give your taste buds a treat with a variety of jams containing the best of the country’s fruit - lemon, cherry, figs and orange are all represented. One of the highlights is sampling Dubrovnik bitter orange marmalade, the most traditional of the area’s jams. 

Helpful information about the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

The International Festival of Jams and Maramalades takes place over three days in October 2017. Held outside St. Blaise Church on the Stradun in one of the city’s most beautiful locations, allow yourself to step back in time while you’re served jam by producers dressed up in traditional costumes. The festival is free to attend. If you’d like to know more about the jam producers who are going to attend the festival, please head to the official website. To get to the festival on Luža ul. 2 from any location in Dubrovnik, use the handy City Journey Planner

Making the most of the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

The venue for this fun festival is also one of the city’s most historic and best-loved venues. The Church of St. Blaise, known to locals as Crkva Svetog Vlaha, is named after Dubrovnik’s patron saint. The Baroque building was built in 1715 although a church has stood in that location since the fourteenth century. The stained glass windows are a sight to behold, especially when lit up at night, and it’s no wonder that it’s the chosen location for many of Dubrovnik’s important events. Not only is it the gathering place for New Year’s Eve but it’s also the location of the opening night of the popular Dubrovnik Summer Festival. 

Where to stay in Dubrovnik for the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

If you’re planning on travelling to this vibrant Dalmatian city for the festival, book the perfect rental accommodation for your stay. If you book with Eventful Stays, you can choose to stay in any type of accommodation ranging from apartments, bed and breakfasts, small hotels, houses, studios, to boats or spare rooms - all close to St. Blaise’s Church by public transport or on foot. 

Things to do near the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful Southern coastal area, so make sure you book enough time to take a good look around. Check out Korcula Island, Sponza Palace and the Ancient City Walls. Take a trip to neighbouring Montenegro which can be done in a day. 

More information about the International Festival of Jams & Marmalades

To find out more information about this delicious event, please head to the festival website where you’ll be able to find out the confirmed dates for the 2017 festival, view the winners of the 2016 awards and find a full list of exhibitors. 

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