IBT17 Bristol International Festival

8th February 2018 - 12th February 2018 | Bristol, United Kingdom

About the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

Much more than just an arts festival, IBT17 Bristol International Festival encourages artists and their audience to develop skills and showcase the talent on offer. During the 5 days and spread across 10 locations within the city, local and global artist collaborate for a varied festival. Artists perform on stage and screen, along with live performance, talks and much more. Several artists focus on thought provoking questions on subjects such as race and diversity, immigration and disability. Others provide live sound sculptures, or a trip into the surreal. The organisation In Between Times have been running the festival since 2001.

Helpful information about the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

The festival hub is within the city centre and there are fast train links to Bristol around the country. The nearest airport is Bristol International Airport where you can reach the city centre by the Flyer Express bus link. Prices vary for individual events, although discounted ticket passes are available for multiple access and some performances are free. The 5-show pass will cost £65 and a 10-show pass is £120 (plus booking fees). Participating venues are all within walking distance. Running times vary throughout the festival with performances available at some venues from 10am, while others run late into the night.

Making the most of the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

With such a great variety, study the calendar of events and see what appeals to your tastes. The most anticipated events will be those within the local and international showcases, it is worth booking these in advance. When buying the 5 or 10 show passes you will need to specify which you wish to attend, although you can top these up by adding individual events. If you are visiting with children, make a judgement as to which appear suitable, family friendly shows are more likely to take place during the day. The festival is in February and so with the walking between venues remember to pack a coat.

Where to stay in Bristol for the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

If you are planning to visit the IBT17 Bristol International Festival, choose from a selection of houses, flats, B&B’s, spare rooms and other private rentals close to the festival hub Arnolfini. If you are staying elsewhere there are various public transport options available. Check our Check our accommodation in Bristol.

Things to do near the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

Graffiti artist Banksy is believed to be from Bristol, search the streets for plenty of examples of his work. Visit Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Board the Brunel’s SS Great Britain, a steamship from the mid 1800’s or enjoy the nightclubs Bristol has to offer.

More information about the IBT17 Bristol International Festival

To find out about the IBT17 Bristol International Festival, including: what’s on, IBT17 programme and calendar of events, our work, news and support, buying tickets for the IBT17 Bristol International Festival, planning your visit and more, check out the In Between Times official website.

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