Hapsa Marathon

About the Hapsa Marathon

Now into its 32nd year, the Hapsa Marathon is a fast race through the streets of Hamburg, taking in all of the sights of this iconic Northern city. Also featuring a separate women’s race and a relay, this popular road race is well-supported by enthusiastic spectators. The course takes you all around the harbour city including famous locations such as the Reeperbahn, St. Pauli and the natural greenery of the Stadtpark. If you lose track, don’t worry: just follow the blue line that is famously painted along the city streets to guide you. If you’re not up to challenging 2016 champion Kenyan Lucas Rotich in his attempt to win the full marathon again, why not take part in the relay race?

Helpful information about the Hapsa Marathon

The Hapsa Marathon takes place on 23rd April 2017 in the Northern Germany city of Hamburg. If you’d like to take part, you can register on the official website. The sooner you register, the cheaper the entry fee, so get in quick to take advantage of the discounted advance registration charge. The deadline for registration is 23rd March. Whether you’re planning to run in the race or spectate, it’s advised to use public transport to make your way to and from the marathon starting point. With 18,000 runners expected to take part and plenty of road closures, it pays to make use of Hamburg’s excellent under and overground rail system. You can find out more information about the city’s public transport network here

Making the most of the Hapsa Marathon

Don’t forget to book your place at this year’s Pasta Party the night before the race. For €6, you can get all the carbs you need for the race plus a Krombacher beer - non-alcoholic, of course! It’s a great chance to meet your fellow runners and to find out any tips from race veterans. 

Where to stay in the Hamburg for the Hapsa Marathon

If you’re travelling to Hamburg for the blue line marathon, make the most of your trip by staying in the very best rental accommodation for you! Book with Eventful Stays and you can choose to stay in studios, bed and breakfasts, apartments, flats or spare rooms - all with easy access to the race course via public transport. 

Things to do near the Hapsa Marathon

While you’re in the Hamburg for the race, take the opportunity to discover the rest of this historic city. Check out the Port of Hamburg, the Alster Lakes and the Reeperbahn. If you’re a Beatles fan, pay a visit to the statue at Beatles-Platz.

More information about the Hapsa Marathon

To find out more information about the race, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to register for the marathon, relay and women’s race, check out the results from the 2016 race and find the answer to any FAQs you may have about the Hapsa Marathon.

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