Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

12th September 2018 - 18th September 2018 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

About Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival (Dates to be confirmed)

The Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival gives the public a chance to access buildings not normally open for general visitors. The purpose of the event is to give everyone the opportunity to explore the cities architecture. The festival features over 100 venues listed, including Cathedrals, Churches and everything from theatres to allotments. There are also court rooms, civic offices, town hall and many more private properties that you wouldn’t normally get to see from inside. There are numerous talks, special events and exhibitions too in an event that has been a success since its first festival back in 1990.

Helpful information about Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Glasgow airport is only 8 miles from the city centre. You can drive into Glasgow, but it is highly recommended walk or use the public transport to get around in order to listen to audio guides along the way. The whole event is free, although some venues and tours may need to be booked in advance. Opening times vary from venue to venue, some will open during normal office hours while others especially for the festival. Due to their historic nature, some venues may not be easily accessible so check with individual venues if you have any specific needs or concerns.

Making the most of Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Although free to attend, if you are interested in a specific building or guided tour check if you need to book a place in advance. With so many venues, over 100 in total, check the in-depth guide to help plan your visit. Some locations will be of more interest than others, so join a guided tour or just pop your head in the door. There will be a festival hub in St Andrews Square, featuring talks about the city or check the meeting points for heritage walks. The online brochure also highlights any events specifically aimed at children.

Where to stay in Glasgow for Doors Open Days Festival

If you are visiting Glasgow, choose from a selection of houses, flats, B&B’s, spare rooms and other private rentals in easy access to the city centre. Wherever you are staying, Glasgow is best to travel around on foot or via public transport. Check our accommodation in Glasgow.

Things to do in Glasgow near Doors Open Days Festival

While visiting the various buildings why not take a bus tour of the city too, or there are plenty of museums such as the Gallery of Modern Art and Riverside Museum. When by the river sit by the docks and watch the activity in the busy port. Relax in the beautiful People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.

More information about Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Visit the Glasgow Doors Open Days website and find out more information including: information for visitors, getting around the festival locations, Doors Open Days guide, news and online blog, competitions and past Doors Open Days.

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