1st October 2017 - 30th October 2017 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

About Glasgay! in Glasgow

In Scotland, Glasgow hosts an annual arts festival celebrating the city’s cultural diversity within the LGBT community. Regardless of if you’re straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender there is plenty of entertainment during October. Venues including Glasgow Film Theatre, King’s Theatre, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and many more will feature stage shows, films, comedians and live music. Some notable names to have played at Glasgay! include Marc Almond, Ian McKellen and Alan Carr. There have been numerous pieces of work commissioned especially for the event. 

Helpful information about Glasgay! in Glasgow

Most of the venues are within walking distance, while the Merchant City of Glasgow acts as the festival base. Public transport will take you into the city, Glasgow Central Station is the main train station and Glasgow airport is only 8 miles from the city centre. Ticket prices for Glasgay! depend on each event, some shows will be free or expect the live music and comedians to be ticketed, attracting a lot of interest. Times and doors opening will vary, unless you are at a club night anticipate curfew from around 11pm/11.30pm.

Making the most of Glasgay! in Glasgow

Embrace diversity and see as much as possible. Visit the theatres for shows, or gay bars and clubs to experience the local LGBT scene. Check out the programme of events and plan any specific events you wish to attend.  Any big names on the line-up will attract those directly involved in celebrating Glasgay! as well as other fans, so book these early. The event is open to all ages, although be mindful certain venues may have age restrictions due to licensing laws. With Glasgay! taking place towards the end of the year, pack your warmer clothes as Scotland starts getting cold.

Where to stay in Glasgow for Glasgay!

If you are visiting for Glasgay! choose from a selection of houses, flats, B&B’s, spare rooms and other private rentals in easy access to the city centre. Wherever you are staying, Glasgow is best to travel around on foot or via public transport. Check our accommodation in Glasgow.

Things to do in Glasgow near Glasgay!

While in Glasgow take a bus tour of the city or visit the various museums, such as the Gallery of Modern Art or Riverside Museum. Relax in the beautiful People’s Palace and Winter Gardens or stroll down to the docks to watch the busy port.

More information about Glasgay!

Find out more on Glasgay! including its history, past work and commissions, a list of venues that take part, musicians and artists involved in Glasgay! and much more by clicking here.

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