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Focus On ... ... By the Numbers: How to Analyse Your Success on Social Media

1st November 2017 | Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, United Kingdom

Focus On ... ... By the Numbers: How to Analyse Your Success on Social Media So you’ve set up your social media channels and you’re posting away. Your audience is growing, people are commenting, and click-throughs are clicking along. That’s all your most important metrics headed in the right direction …right? With so many “key metrics” out there, it’s tough to know which ones to keep an eye on. That’s why during this final social media workshop in a series with MadeBrave will be going over:- The benefits of paid reporting tools vs free native reporting- How to set social media objectives - Key metrics to watch for your specific business objectives- How to track social media traffic Come prepared with your questions! MadeBrave's social media experts will follow the session with a 30 minute live Q&A as well as 30 minutes one-on-one to go over specific questions around your social media strategy. They'll also be giving out a few of their favourite social media marketing books as well as a couple MadeBrave Grab Bags, which include a MadeBrave moleskine, t-shirt, stickers, and enamel pin. Keen to sign up for the rest of the series? Here’s the full lineup! Workshop 1: Focus On ... ... Boosting Your Brand with Social Media Workshop 2: Focus On ... ... Always on Time: How to Plan Social Media Content Workshop 3: Focus On ... ... By the Numbers: How to Analyse Your Success on Social Media PresenterKeenan Erwin, Social Media Manager at MadeBrave®With over 5 years in social media marketing, Keenan has extensive experience delivering social media and marketing strategies for clients across a variety of industries. Keenan found his start as a freelance social media consultant for retail clients in the US, where he built social media teams and transformed once stagnant audiences into thriving and engaged communities. A social media expert and content creator, Keenan understands the nuanced differences between all major social media channels and how to leverage them. Keenan has the ability to explain in simple terms the value and potential behind social media, how to get results based on a brand’s unique business objectives, and how to communicate a brand effectively through all digital channels.MadeBraveMadeBrave is an award-winning creative brand agency who aim to make brands bigger, bolder, and stronger. With offices in Glasgow and London, MadeBrave's client roster includes the likes of IBM, Vets Now, and Clintec International to name just a few. MadeBrave offer services including branding, design, digital development, and social media—specifically, campaign management, content creation, content idea generation, ads management, blog management, training & workshops, strategy, and design.

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