Flamenco Biennial Festival

6th September 2018 - 30th September 2018 | Seville, Spain

About the Flamenco Biennial Festival

Held in Spain’s flamenco capital of Seville, the Flamenco Biennial Festival is an immersive celebration of this traditional art form featuring a competition, performances, lectures and seminars. During the two-week celebration, you’ll see the very best of this most Andalusian of music genres. While the 2017 programme has yet to be released, it’s sure to feature some of Spain’s finest performers. Previous artists have included José Enrique Morente, Cristian Guerrero and Antonio el Pipa. Running alongside the Biennial is the ‘Flamenco is anywhere’ exhibition which features an itinerary of visual art exhibitions, workshops and installations. If you’re a flamenco fan, come to its birthplace to experience this vibrant festival.

Helpful information about the Flamenco Biennial Festival

The Flamenco Biennial Festival takes place over two weeks in September 2017. Performances are held in some of the city’s most iconic and historic venues, including the grand Teatro Lope de Vega and the former Moorish royal palace, the Real Alcázar. Given the popularity of flamenco in the area, tickets do tend to sell out quickly so we would recommend buying yours as early as possible if you plan to attend. Prices vary from €10 to €40 depending on the venue and your choice of seats. You can buy your tickets from the official website here.

Making the most of the Flamenco Biennial Festival

If you’re planning to attend this exciting festival, make sure you bring a healthy dose of sunscreen with you. Due to its southern inland location, Seville temperatures can reach in excess of 40 degrees celsius in August and, although the city does cool a little in September, you’ll certainly need to take some cover from the sun. Most of the festival performances take place during the evening when the temperatures tend to be absolutely perfect for enjoying al fresco entertainment. 

Where to stay in Seville for the Flamenco Biennial Festival

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Things to do near the Flamenco Biennial Festival

If you’re coming to Seville for this exciting festival, stay a little longer to check out the sights in the surrounding area, including the Casa de Pilatos, Real Alcazar and the stunning Maria Luisa Park.

More information about the Flamenco Biennial Festival

To find out more information about the festival, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to see the full programme of events as they’re released, find detailed directions to the venues and find out more about the performances.

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