Fiesta San Isidro 2018

11th May 2018 - 15th May 2018 | Madrid, Spain

About the Fiesta San Isidro

Madrid celebrates the “Fiestas de San Isidro” from 11th-15th May, 2018. Saint Isidore is said to have worked over a hundred miracles with a special talent for finding fresh water. The festival takes place in “Pradera de San Isidro Park” and the adjacent streets, where “chulapas” and “chulapos” (people dressed in traditional Madrid costumes) drink ‘the saint’s water’ pouring from a spring next to the Shrine of San Isidro. Traditionally, people eat doughnuts and drink lemonade at “Pradera de San Isidro Park” (the lemonade is made with wine, lemon, sugar and diced fruit).

Helpful information about the Fiesta San Isidro

The Fiesta San Isidro is hosted in the centre of Madrid, Spain. The nearest airport is Madrid Barajas International Airport and is approximately 14 kms to the city centre. From the airport you can take the metro line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios which takes around 15 minutes. Alternatively, there are plenty of taxis operating at the airport. By public transport from city centre to the fiesta, take the metro to station Marqués de Vadillo (L5) or city bus lines 17 and 50.

Making the most of the Fiesta San Isidro

San Isidro was canonized on May 15th, 1622 for miraculously making water rise to rescue his son from a well, along with a handful of other wondrous deeds. Hence he became Madrid's patron saint and, simultaneously, the "laborer/peasant saint" after his profession. You can visit the church of the same name on “Calle Toledo”, built over the site where the miracle purportedly took place.  The church holds a small museum with exhibits including the famous well along with a small collection of archaeological findings excavated in the region of Madrid.

Where to stay in Madrid when visiting the Fiesta San Isidro

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Things to do near the Fiesta San Isidro

During the festival, why not enjoy some refreshments and tapas in the area of La Latina, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Madrid.  Stroll along Plaza Mayor, built during Philip III's reign and is a central plaza in the city of Madrid, Spain.

More information about the Fiesta San Isidro 

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